Home Article Is YouTube Star Amiri King Suffering From Depression? Still Dating Sara Ruminski or They Secretly Married?

Is YouTube Star Amiri King Suffering From Depression? Still Dating Sara Ruminski or They Secretly Married?

Updated On 21 May, 2019 Published On 22 May, 2019
Is YouTube Star Amiri King Suffering From Depression? Still Dating Sara Ruminski or They Secretly Married?

YouTube Star Amiri King is happily and openly married to Sara Ruminski after dating for several years. Although he doesn't share a lot about his married life, it is clear that he isn't having a problem in his relationship.

Famous after starting YouTube channel, Amiri King went through the phase of depression. But is it true or just another fake rumors spread for popularity? Well, let's find out.

YouTuber Amiri King; Is He Suffering From Depression?

The comedian Amiri King went through some rough years before finally achieving a successful career and a healthy personal life. There was some speculation about him going through the phase of depression however it wasn't really the case as he didn't really open about it.

Amiri King: A Famous Comedian YouTuber.

King grew up having bad days like being homeless which at one point got him to rob a bank. Further, he was caught and charged with the 1st-degree robbery crime and sentenced for 20 years of jail and fined $100k full cash bond. But he negotiated with the prosecutor and being lucky enough, served just about three years jail time only.

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He later started sharing his stories and life, which initiated his YouTube career and now we know him as the fan favorite with great comedic timing. With all the struggles, he fell in love with a girl Sara Ruminski with whom he stayed all along and married later.

Recently, questions about his depression arose because of his one post on Instagram which caught his followers eyes. Here is the post!

View this post on Instagram

I need help to end myself.

A post shared by Amiri King (@thekinghasspoken) on

He was crying and screaming in the video and captioned the post saying,

"I need help to end myself"

Did he really mean what he said? It looks like that was one of his comedy material as afterward, he didn't ever post such stuff.

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As of now, he is perfectly fine and seems like depression stuff seemed like a loose talk.

Amiri King Relationship With Sara Ruminski

Comedian Amiri King is married to his girlfriend turned wife Sara Ruminski for about two years now. He enjoyed a healthy dating life before tying the knot with his girlfriend and is blessed with three daughters Kennedy, Tilly, and Marcy.

Amiri King With His Wife And Daughters.

Having recently gained popularity, the couple was always out of the media light and were never spotted together. However, they spend their quality time together with their beautiful daughters.

YouTuber King is famous over the social media networks and it is where he shares most about his personal life. His followers count on Instagram is 110k, around 2 million on Facebook, and 80k on Twitter. He shares the comedy stuff most of the time but also shares pictures of his daughter with some funny caption attached to it. Have a look!

Their relationship is going healthy and the couple is enjoying a happy married life. We would love to see their relationship grow stronger day by day.

Amiri King: Quick Facts

A Comedian And YouTube Star Amiri King.
  • Born on July 10, 1979, in the Louisville, United States, Amiri King currently resides in Kentucky.
  • He stands at a height of 6 feet.
  • He has played a part in the TV series Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse with Rick and Ed.
  • His net worth is around $150,000 which comes from YouTube.

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