John Scarce is a big time YouTuber who is famous for his news channel on YouTube. He has garnered more than 2 million views. He is generally known among his fans for his detailed and well-researched news. He is currently rumored to be dating a fellow YouTuber named Zoie Burgher.  

John was born and raised in his home country, The United States of America. While doing his graduation from high school he started posting videos on YouTube. He was a very shy man from the beginning as he never showed his face on his YouTube channel until recently.

Rumor has it that he is dating Zoie Burgher. Let us find out if this rumor is actually true or is it just another hoax.

John's Current Relationship status

Well, as per John, he is most possibly single but there is a big news circling around him that he is dating. 


Source: Twitter

The rumor came out after John helped Zoie after there was allegation upon Zoie regarding her privacy. But John helped her clear the air and many of his fan trusts him as he never says anything without any valid research and reason.  

It was then revealed that she was doing a collaborative video with another fellow YouTuber and he was the one that attempted to snap a picture of her.

At that time no one believed her but John helped her and he said the news by himself about the YouTuber.

About his rumored girlfriend Zoie Burgher

Well, those of you who do not know who is Zoie then do not fret as we will tell you all who she is. 

Zoie is also a YouTuber just like Jack and she also has a massive fan following on her YouTube channel. As of now, she has 1.7 million subscribers, just shy of John's 2 million. 

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Zoie is generally famous for her gaming videos which she does while wearing the bikini. She is considered as one of the most sought after girls on YouTube.

Her hot body and her cute face are the perfect reasons why she is so famous.

After Scarce helped her during the incident of her nude picture getting leaked she made a video saying thanks to John. 

They might be dating each other

Recently John was featured in a video in which he is seen with Zoie and couple of her friends which indicates that the pair may possibly be dating each other.

As of now nothing has been confirmed by anyone of them. We will definitely let you know if something is cooking between the two of them. 

Source: YouTube

Both of them are currently focusing on their YouTube channels right now and they are uploading videos on the regular basis.