Home Article Jeffrey Lichtman Is Married, Who Is His Wife? Know In Detail About His Married Life And Children

Jeffrey Lichtman Is Married, Who Is His Wife? Know In Detail About His Married Life And Children

Published On 07 Dec, 2018
Jeffrey Lichtman Is Married, Who Is His Wife? Know In Detail About His Married Life And Children

Jeffrey Lichtman is a married man of 53 years old. His wife is Nance Lichtman and they have 2 children.

When you try to balance one thing, another falls apart. In a sense, you can't work out everything in life. Well, with Jeffrey Lichtman that's not the case. He has mastered the trick to balance his work life and family time.

Jeffrey is a married man with two children and his married life is far better than others. Read below to find out more about his relationship status.

Jeffrey Lichtman's Wife, Married Life, and Children

Jeffrey Lichtman is a busy person and he is mostly involved with law-related acts. However, this doesn't stop him from maintaining a good relationship status. Lichtman is bound strongly to his wife, Nance Lichtman.

Even with Lichtman's busy schedule, he neither compromised his family nor his work. The exact marriage date of the couple is unknown. The couple maintains their personal life very private. 

Jeffrey Lichtman Addressing Media
Source: The Portland Press Herald

The couple is blessed with twins, Jackson Lichtman and, Grant Lichtman. Nance gave birth to her babies before delivery date which caused her to stay at the hospital for 63 days. During the time, Lichtman was facing the trial of Mr. Gotti Jr.

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Licthman had to work more and simultaneously, take care of his wife. This caused him many sleepless nights, but Jeffrey, committed as he was, managed time for his wife, and work.

Jeffrey Lichtman's Career, Education and Achievements

If the United States had to list some best American attorneys, Jeffrey Lichtman would certainly make his name in the list. He has done remarkable works as a criminal defense lawyer. 

His parents divorced when he was 14 years old which made his early childhood life difficult. Even though he had some trouble in his early life, he never gave a second thought to education.

From a very young age, he was interested in Law so, he decided to drive his education in the field of Law. He attended Emory University and acquired a bachelor's degree in Arts. Later on, he graduated from Duke University School of Law.

Jeffrey Lichtman signing papers
Source: NY Daily News

He started his own law firm in Manhattan. He represented various people including John Gotti Jr., The Game, Fat Joe and Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman. He has successfully secured dismissal charge on three murder charges, $25 million fraud charges, etc. Besides from just getting involved in Law, he has also hosted a radio show talk on AM 970 The Answer

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Quick Facts: Jeffrey Lichtman

  • He was born on June 5, 1965, in Newark, New Jersey, U.S.
  • He attended Emory University and Duke University School of Law.
  • He is married to Nance Lichtman.
  • He has 2 children.

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