"Love is the battlefield, those who want true love as to fight for it. Beyond differences created by humans like caste, race, and culture."

The above words match the life of many people in the world but, for some, it's a wonderful gift like in the life of Dirk Nowitzki.The popular NBA player Dirk Nowitzki is living a happy married to Jessica Olsson

The interracial couple is raising their three kids in the United States. Let's get the details about their wonderful family life in today's session.

Jessica Olsson's Married Life With NBA Player Dirk Nowitzki

Jessica Olsson met her future husband Dirk Nowitzki for the first time while enjoying a vacation in Scotland in 2010. They dated for two years long before tying the knot.

Nowitzki confirmed his engagement in March 2012 with his love life during an interview with Bad Show on Dallas sports radio. The two were happily engaged on Valentine's Day eve in Germany in 2012.


Dirk Nowitzki and Jessica Olsson on their marriage
Source: The Undefeated

Olsson and Nowitzki married on 20 July 2012; after five months of their engagement. The marriage ceremony was held in Kenya in a traditional African wedding style attended by their friends and family members.

During an interview regarding the interracial marriage with The Undefeated, Dirk said,

"It was awesome. They took my wife away. They brought five or six girls out and they were all covered. So the first thing I had to do was find my wife. So I’m walking around and looking at how tall they are."

"I guess it’s one of the traditions. If you get it wrong, you got to pay the parents a goat or something. So I was lucky. I smelled her to find the right one. So, I got lucky there. But that was just an experience that I’ll never forget."

The heavenly couple enjoying a sports day with their kids, Source: Dallas Morning News

The couple is blessed with three adorable kids a daughter Malaika Nowitzki born in July 2013 and two sons Max Nowitzki born in March 2015 and Morris Nowitzki in November 2016.

What The Couple Says About Their Interracial Marriage and Raising Biracial Kids?

Nowitzki the native of Germany is living a wonderful married life with his wife Olsson, the native of Kenya.

During an interview, Nowitzki explained that he's never considered race or origin an issue and that's the strong reason why his family life is growing stronger with time.


Jessica Olsson attending an event with her husband Dirk Nowitzki
Source: Earn The Necklace

He said,

"Growing up in Germany, we’ve always grown up around all sorts of races. I played with the national team where half of my teammates were from Yugoslavia. Color or race for me never really mattered, and that’s also the beauty of sports."

"You’re a team. Same with marriage. You’re a team and pulling on the same string. You try to make it work and chemistry has got to be there. That is just the way I was raised."

The couple has managed to raise their kids to speak English, German, and Swedish. The parents also spend much time in the NBA offseason on both Nowitzki's Germany and Olsson's Kenya to discover more about their culture and heritage.

They even spend much time with all their family members. Nowitzki said,

"She’s got uncles, cousins. Her grandmother’s still alive. She’s almost a hundred. It’s a special place for our family. We want our kids to meet some of their cousins, so we try to go down there every summer. Maybe we’ll get a house down there …"

The couple has many similarities and amazing bonding despite much differences in their family life.

Jessica Olsson: Quick Facts

  • Born in Kenya to a Kenyan mother and a Swedish father.
  • Her twin brothers Martin Olsson and Marcus Olsson are soccer players of Sweden.
  • She currently serves as the associate director of Dallas' Goss-Michael Foundation Art Gallery.