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Retired Colorado Springs Detective Joe Kenda; Father Of Two With Wife Mary Kathleen Mohler Kenda

Updated On 06 Oct, 2023 Published On 15 Mar, 2018
Retired Colorado Springs Detective Joe Kenda; Father Of Two With Wife Mary Kathleen Mohler Kenda

A long-lasting relationship is everyone's dream. The retired Colorado Springs Police Department detective Joe Kenda has achieved the best in his professional as well as personal life.

A long-lasting relationship is everyone's dream. The retired Colorado Springs Police Department detective Joe Kendathe father of two has been living a blessed married life with his high school love Mary Kathleen Mohler Kenda for more than 50 years.

Although the detective had affairs in the past with whom he eventually split, the Homicide Hunter star and his wife have set an example of a true relationship for all of us.


What is Joe Kenda Up To Now? How's His Married Life With His Wife Mary Kathleen Mohler Kenda of Decades?

Joe Kenda, the retired Colorado Springs Police Department detective lieutenant has been married to his high school sweetheart, Mary Kathleen Mohler Kenda for five decades and two years now. The family of four is living blissfully with no rumors of separation.

The lovely couple is blessed with two children, Dan and Kris. Joe and Mary's son, Dan is a former US Navy commander, and Kris is a retired US Air Force major. The whole Kenda family can be watched on the Homicide Hunter episode "Married to the Job"

Hermine, a Pennsylvania-born man featured in the "Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda Season 9 until January 29, 2020. Unfortunately, following a notable run of nine seasons, it has been assured the series will no longer be renewed for another season.

Joe Kenda's Married Life With High School Girlfriend Mary Kathleen Mohler Kenda

Police detective Joe Kenda first met his future wife Mary Kathleen Mohler Kenda while attending the University of Pittsburgh.

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Joe and Mary soon fell for each other and after a few years of relationship, they married in December 1967. As for their married life, the couple has happily crossed half a century since they officially became husband and wife without any sign of divorce and we must salute them for that!

Joe Kenda and his wife Mary Kathleen Mohler Kenda attending an event together.
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Kenda is a protective and loving husband. Besides that, he is also a father of two, a son, Daniel J. Kenda who's a US Navy Commander Intelligence Officer in Virginia, and a daughter who works for the US Government.

Joe Kenda with his wife Mary Kathleen Mohler Kenda and son and daughter. Source: Pinterest

In June 2015, the TV personality shared some information about his son and daughter via Twitter post during the occasion of Father's Day:

My daughter added to my Father's Day advice" he gave us a bullshit detector second to none".....

— Joe Kenda (@LtJoeKenda) June 21, 2015

The post is followed by his comments where he states that his son is in the U.S. Navy and his daughter works for the U.S. Government. He lives a content life with his lovely family. 

Joe Kenda's Television Career: How It All Started?

Most former police officers don't enjoy the things they get after retirement from their posts. However, someone like Kenda, 71, has become a real crime star through the Investigation Discovery series Homicide Hunter. Most importantly, his wife was very supportive during his service years as a Lieutenant and after retirement in 1996. It is Mary Kathleen who encouraged him to share his story with the whole world.

Denver TV series editor Patrick Bryant contacted and interviewed Kenda as a part of a TV special about the local drug trade on which Kenda had been working.

Bryant was highly impressed by Kenda and his works. Later, he built up the idea of developing a TV series built around Kenda's career as a homicide detective.

Joe Kenda from Homicide Hunter on Investigation Discovery.

Homicide Hunter, also known as Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda is an American crime documentary TV series based on the life of Joe Kenda aired on 25 October 2011.

The series is related to the professional life of retired Colorado Springs, Colorado, police department detective Kenda.

Kenda was appointed to the department in 1973 and was later promoted to detective in 1977. Kenda initially denied working in the TV series when he was asked to read the script. He said,

"I’m not an actor. I’m a policeman. If you want me to tell you about this case, I will. If you want me to read that, get somebody else."

A younger version of Kenda is played by the actor Carl Marino. The cases are told by Kenda in an extemporaneous narrative way.

The series also includes the contribution of the witnesses to the crimes, family, and friends of the victims along with the media and others.

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Here's a video of Joe Kenda's  Exclusive Interview talking about his detective series with American Mutt Studios.

The series premiered back in October 2011 and is being filmed in Knoxville, TN. It is currently going on in its 7th season and Kenda misses no chance to publicize it via his Twitter account.

Joe Kenda: Quick Facts

Source: Nerdist

  • Born on 14 November 1946 in Western Pennsylvania Herminie, Pennsylvania.
  • His birth sign is Scorpio.
  • He is American by nationality and belongs to a white ethnicity.
  • He has been interested in crime-related cases, especially murders since his childhood.
  • He stands at a height of 5.97 feet (1.82m).
  • He completed his graduation from Greensburg Central Catholic High School in 1964.
  • Later, he attended the University of Pittsburgh.
  • He received a master's degree in international relations from Ohio State University in 1970.
  • In 1973, he moved to Colorado Springs with his family and kids after getting transferred.
  • Kenda also served as a special needs school bus operator for ten long years.
  • He has his self-developed merchandise including bobbleheads.
  • He solved his first homicide case in 1973.
  • He worked as a patrol for 3 years before he became a detective.
  • Aside from acting, he enjoys playing golf and plays charity golf tournaments.
  • Kenda has solved over 350 cases in his lifetime.
  • He has an estimated net worth of around $4 million.

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