Home Article Is Joe Seo Dating? Is The Korean Actor Gay?

Is Joe Seo Dating? Is The Korean Actor Gay?

Updated On 03 Apr, 2022 Published On 11 Jan, 2021
Is Joe Seo Dating? Is The Korean Actor Gay?

Joe Seo was a jerk on Cobra Kai, but IRL, he is anything but that. In fact, Seo is a big sweetheart, sweet enough to melt your heart. But, what else do we know about the Korean actor who is often rumored to be gay?

Why Is Joe Seo Rumored To Be Gay?

American actor Joe Seo of Korean background is in the hype for his role as Kyler, one of the characters on Netflix's popular martial arts drama, Cobra Kai. Seo's role as Kyler made its return to the third season after working on only the first season.

Korean American actor Joe Seo plays a gay character in Spa Night. SOURCE: Amazon

And, for many who has been the actor's fans for years, Joe, whose full name is Joseph Seo, got the attention when he played the challenging character of a gay man in the popular Andrew Ahn movie, Spa Night

Seo plays the role of a gay Korean American teenager in the critically acclaimed 2016 movie that won the Independent Spirit John Cassavetes Award. And, likewise, the assumption of Seo being gay in real life started right there. But, could it all be true?

Well, just because an artist performs the role of a gay character on stage or for a movie doesn't always necessarily mean they are one in real life too. As for Joe, he is a heterosexual man and has never considered himself to be one, as of now.

But, of course, as Hollywood still lacks diversity when it comes to accepting actual queer actors for casting such respective roles and needs changes on the subject, this doesn't encourage hatred or distaste in any way.

Is Joe Seo In A Relationship? Girlfriend News

First things first, Joe Seo is super private about sharing his personal affair including his love life publicly. Even his social media accounts rarely provide hints about his love life. But, from our judgment, it highly seems like Joe isn't involved in any romantic relationship at the moment.

Actor Joe Seo grew up in California. SOURCE: All Time Trends

As a matter of fact, Seo has been rarely rumored to have a girlfriend. The only thing the actor has his attention on is his career. Seo still wants to achieve more to prove himself as one of the best actors. And, with the skills and talents, he has shown, he will definitely be able to do so, one day.

Seo who celebrates his birthday on August 1st is a Leo as per his zodiac sign and has spent the majority of his life in Oakland California where he studied at the University of California, Los Angeles, and Crescenta Valley Senior High, according to his Facebook profile.

Seo, in addition, is also known for his role in Sun Paul's coming of age short movie titled Konglish where he played a teenager struggling to live with his Korean immigrant parents. The talented actor also performed on The Vampyr Resistance Corps as Tikaani, Hawaii Five-0 as Victor, Message from the King as Sam, Eli's Liquor Store as Radio Joe-Heem, and plenty of other short movies.

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