Home Article WWE's Nikki Bella is now the future wife of John Cena. He proposes her with a huge diamond ring at Wrestle Mania

WWE's Nikki Bella is now the future wife of John Cena. He proposes her with a huge diamond ring at Wrestle Mania

Updated On 30 Jul, 2019 Published On 06 Apr, 2017
WWE's Nikki Bella is now the future wife of John Cena. He proposes her with a huge diamond ring at Wrestle Mania

After winning a tag team match together, John Cena proposed to his girlfriend. Let us find out more about their personal life and is the couple going to get married.

Well, it was a pretty shocking moment for many of us. Not shocking in a bad way, of course. We mean we were all startled after John Cena proposed his girlfriend Nikki Bella in front of thousands of WWE universe.

Nikki is now the future wife of John Cena and the huge diamond ring John gave her at the Wrestle Mania is the proof. 

The couple is now set to marry and today we are going to give you an insight about all that has happened. Let us find out more about the news.

John Cena and Nikki Bella-Perfect Couple                   

After a long wait, John has finally proposed to his girlfriend Nikki Bella aka Stephanie Nicole Garcia-Colace after winning the Mixed-Tag Team match against The Miz and his wife Maryse.

John proposing his girlfriend Nikki, Source: The Source

The occasion couldn't have become more romantic and huge as the couple was seen live by the whole world and as well as by the thousands of WWE fans watching The Wrestlemania live in Camping World Stadium, Orlando, Florida, United States.

John made sure that Nikki feels like the luckiest girl on earth. The ring he gave was a 4-carat diamond that was held on by six prongs and set in either platinum or white gold.

According to Michael O'Connor, a diamond expert, the ring may have cost John a staggering 85,000 dollars.

John, who was previously married to Elizabeth Huberdeau in 2009. Both of them were high school sweethearts and while John was in the process of promoting his movie 12 Rounds, he married Elizabeth.

John with his ex-wife Elizabeth Huberdeau, Source: Divorce Debbie

But the couple divorced just after three years of their marriage in 2012. John Cena was the one that filed for a divorce because of their lack of mutual understanding.

John and Nikki-Marriage and Children

Although, John and Nikki had different opinions about having children and marriage, yet they started dating each other in 2012, three months after John's divorce was finalized.

John kissing his soon to be wife Nikki-How Cute! Source: 411 Mania

An insider close to the couple stated in an exclusive interview to the Hollywood Life that,

“While John never planned on getting married again or having babies, his love for Nikki has changed all that. John believes that Nikki is the right person to start a family with and it is her love that has opened him up to having children.”

Well, we don't know about you guys but after seeing this drastic change in John's opinion we sure hope he is pretty sure about his feelings towards Nikki. 

John and Nikki at the Nickelodeon Awards, Source: Sports World News

Nikki is head over heals now as her longtime boyfriend has finally proposed to her and the couple may probably start their own family together.

Here are some interesting facts about Nikki Bella. Enjoy Watching!!!!

Well, we wish all the success for the newly engaged couple and may they enjoy being together.

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