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Joshua Jackson and Jodie Turner-Smith: A Love Story Written in the Stars!

Updated On 30 Aug, 2023 Published On 30 Aug, 2023
Joshua Jackson and Jodie Turner-Smith: A Love Story Written in the Stars!

Joshua Jackson and Jodie Turner-Smith met at a birthday party, had a one-night stand that turned into a marriage, and welcomed a daughter during a pandemic. They are not your typical Hollywood couple, but they are one of the most captivating ones. The Dawson’s Creek star and the Queen & Slim actress have been open about their whirlwind romance, their unconventional proposal, and their blissful family life. Here is a look at how they fell in love and why they are perfect for each other.

How Joshua Jackson & Jodie Turner-Smith Fell in Love at Usher’s Birthday Party?

Joshua Jackson and Turner-Smith met each other for the first time at Usher's 40th birthday party in 2018. Turner-Smith said on a TV show that she liked Jackson right away, but acted shy at first. "I saw him first and when I saw him, I thought, 'I want that,'" she said. "And then when he looked at me, I acted like I didn't notice him."

Captured in the frame was the presence of Joshua Jackson alongside his wife, Jodie Turner-Smith.  

They had a good time and stayed together for one night. “The first time I met my husband, we had a one-night stand,” Turner-Smith said. “We have been together for two or three years, but it feels like it was just one night.”

Jackson & Turner-Smith’s Romantic Journey

One month after they first met, Jackson and Turner-Smith were seen holding hands and walking together in Los Angeles. They appeared joyful and strongly in love. This was the first time people knew they were more than just a short relationship.

The couple celebrated the start of the New Year by going on a trip to Nicaragua. They didn't mention each other in any pictures, but they both posted very similar sunset pictures on Instagram, suggesting that they might be falling in love.

Both of them made people think they got married when they were seen getting a paper that looked like a marriage license in Beverly Hills, less than a year after they first met. Jackson's mom Fiona Jackson came with them on the trip.

The lovely pair showed up together for the first time on the red carpet as a couple at the premiere of Turner-Smith's movie Queen & Slim in November 2019. They looked really pretty and happy as they stood for the pictures.

How Turner-Smith Asked Jackson to Marry Her on New Year’s Eve?

Jackson and Turner-Smith got married in December 2019 after getting their license a few months earlier. They had a private and low-key wedding, but later shared how she proposed to him on New Year’s Eve in Nicaragua. She said she made him a trail of flowers on the beach and asked him to marry her.

In an intimate ceremony, Joshua Jackson and Jodie Turner-Smith exchanged vows in wedded union.

In addition, she also said she knew he was going to propose soon, but she wanted to do it first. They had a romantic night in Jamaica with fireflies and dancing, where she almost popped the question but waited for Nicaragua. He said she did everything, from picking the rings to asking him. He said that it was the most wonderful decision of his life.

Jackson & Turner-Smith Are the Proud Parents

Jackson and Turner-Smith became parents to a daughter, Janie, in April 2020. They announced the news on Twitter and thanked the medical team who helped them. She chose to have a home birth because of the racial disparities in maternal health.

Joshua Jackson and Jodie Turner-Smith proudly parent their beloved daughter.  

Furthermore, she wrote an essay for British Vogue about her four-day labor. She said she talked to her body and her daughter to keep her resolve. Her husband took a picture of her in the bath, which captured their family moment. She felt empowered and grateful for her birth experience. She said she used her self-love as a gift to her daughter.

Jackson And His Family Reside in Their Old Home

Jackson revealed that he and his family live in his childhood home in Topanga, California, in a profile for Mr. Porter. He said that he bought the house from his parents when they moved to Canada and that his daughter sleeps in his old bedroom.

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The Canadian actor also said that the house still has some details from when he was a kid, such as stickers on the walls and his old toys. “It’s pretty wild,” he said. He added that he loves being a father and spending time with his daughter. "Everything improved when she was around", he said.

Why Did They Unfollow Each Other on Instagram?

Jackson and Turner-Smith sparked breakup rumors when fans noticed that they had unfollowed each other on Instagram in September 2022. Neither of them has publicly addressed the reason behind their social media move, but some speculated that it was a sign of trouble in paradise.

However, a source told YourTango that the couple “still talk every day” and that their Instagram unfollowing was “not a big deal”. The source also said that they “have a lot of respect for each other” and that they are “not the type of people who need to flaunt their relationship online”.

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