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Love's Journey Takes a Turn: Sam Asghari Files For Divorce from Britney Spears!

Updated On 17 Aug, 2023 Published On 17 Aug, 2023
Love's Journey Takes a Turn: Sam Asghari Files For Divorce from Britney Spears!

Britney Spears, the pop icon who recently regained her freedom from a 13-year conservatorship, is facing another challenge in her personal life. Her husband of 14 months, Sam Asghari, has filed for divorce from the singer, citing irreconcilable differences.

The Love Story of Britney Spears & Sam Asghari: From Music Video to Marriage

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari met in 2016 on the set of her music video for Slumber Party, where he played her love interest. The two hit it off and started dating soon after. They made their relationship public in 2017 and often shared sweet photos and videos of themselves on social media.

The ex-couple Britney Spears & Sam Asghari got engaged in September 2022. 

Asghari supported Spears throughout her legal battle with her father, Jamie Spears, who controlled her finances, career, and personal decisions since 2008. He called Jamie “a total dick” and said he was “trying to control our relationship”. He also praised Britney for being “a lioness” and “the most amazing woman”.

The couple got engaged in September 2022, after Asghari proposed with a four-carat diamond ring engraved with the word “lioness”. They tied the knot in a star-studded ceremony at Spears’ mansion in Thousand Oaks, California, in June 2022. Among the guests were Paris Hilton, Selena Gomez, and Madonna.

Britney Spears & Sam Asghari Split After One Year of Marriage Amid Cheating Allegations

However, things took a turn for the worse in recent months, as rumors of infidelity and arguments plagued their marriage. According to TMZ, Asghari confronted Spears about a claim that she had cheated on him, which led to a heated fight. He then moved out of their home and stayed in his own place.

Asghari filed for divorce from Spears at the Los Angeles County Superior Court on Wednesday, August 16, 2023.  

On Wednesday, August 16, 2023, Asghari filed for divorce from Spears at the Los Angeles County Superior Court. He is asking for spousal support and attorney fees. He also wants to contest the prenuptial agreement they signed before their wedding, which reportedly favored Spears. Neither Spears nor Asghari have commented publicly on their divorce yet. 

Britney Spears Wants to Buy a Horse After Divorce

Spears has posted on Instagram for the first time since the divorce news, saying that she is planning to buy a horse soon. She shared a video of her riding a horse named Roar and expressed her love for the animal. She said that Roar makes her feel free and happy and that she wants to spend more time with him.

However, she also revealed that she can’t make up her mind about buying a black or white horse. She asked her fans for their opinions and said that she likes both colors. She added that she thinks she has found her sweet spot with Roar, and that he is the perfect horse for her.

How Britney Spears & Sam Asghari's Fans Reacted to Their Divorce?

Fans of the couple are devastated by the news of their divorce, as they had hoped that Spears had finally found her happily ever after with Asghari. They had witnessed their love story unfold over the years and cheered for them when they got married.

Sam Asghari candidly discusses his experiences of marital life with Britney Spears.

Many are also concerned about how this will affect Spears’ mental health and well-being, as she has been through a lot of trauma and turmoil in her life. They are hoping that she will stay strong and positive and that she will find peace and happiness in the future.

Spears and Asghari’s divorce is a sad end to a fairy tale that seemed to have everything: romance, passion, support, and glamour. However, as they say, all good things must come to an end. Perhaps this is just another chapter in their lives, and they will both move on to better things.

Britney Spears’ Struggle to Regain Control of Her Life

Britney Spears has also been in the spotlight for her personal life, especially her conservatorship, which was established in 2008 after she suffered a mental breakdown. She has been fighting to end the legal arrangement that gives her father, Jamie Spears, control over her finances and personal affairs.

In June 2021, she spoke in court for the first time about her conservatorship, saying that it was “abusive” and that she wanted to “sue” her family. She also revealed that she wanted to get married and have a baby, but she was not allowed to do so under the conservatorship.

Before Sam Asghari: Britney Spears’ Two Short-Lived Marriages

Britney Spears has been married twice before Sam Asghari, an Iranian-American model, actor, and fitness trainer, filed for divorce from her on Wednesday, August 16, 2023.

Prior to Sam Asghari, Britney Spears had entered the bonds of matrimony twice.  

Her first marriage was to her childhood friend Jason Alexander, whom she wed in Las Vegas on January 3, 2004. However, the marriage was annulled after just 55 hours, as it was a spontaneous decision made after partying. 

Her second marriage was to her backup dancer Kevin Federline, whom she met in the summer of 2004 and married on September 18, 2004. They had two sons together, Sean Preston and Jayden James, but their relationship was troubled by Spears’ mental health issues and Federline’s alleged infidelity. They divorced in 2007. 

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