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Who Is Jude Stewart's Father? Alexis Stewart Underwent Gestational Surrogacy

Updated On 16 Mar, 2023 Published On 09 Oct, 2020
Who Is Jude Stewart's Father? Alexis Stewart Underwent Gestational Surrogacy

Fame was meant to be inevitable for little Jude Stewart who is better known as the sweet daughter of the Television and radio host, Alexis Stewart. See more about Jude's age & every fact below.

Jude Stewart Was Conceived Via Surrogacy

The surrogate child, Jude Stewart was born in 2011 which makes her age only nine in 2020. Other than that, Jude celebrates her birthday on 8 March. Thus, her zodiac sign is Pisces and naturally carries the quality of being compassionate and artistic.

Jude Stewart, daughter of Alexis Stewart. SOURCE: ABC News

On an important note, the daughter of Alexis Stewart was born through gestational surrogate procedures. However, Jude is biologically related to her mother as her mother used her own eggs to have her own offspring.

But, nope Jude didn't give herself the birth of her child as she hired a surrogate mother to do the job, which normally happens in the procedure of gestational surrogacy. Jude could have given the birth herself but didn't opt for it so.

What Is Gestational Surrogacy?

Thanks to Science and modern technologies making things easier for people today as the procedures of surrogacy have also made things easier for those who struggled to have children. Alexis Stewart, likewise, struggled with having kids and was suggested to approach the surrogacy procedures.

And, she chose to go for the gestational surrogacy method where Alexis' eggs were fertilized by using the technology of IVF and later the embryo was passed into the worm of her surrogate mother. The identity of the surrogate mother of Jude is kept a secret, though.

Jude Has A Little Brother

Jude isn't the only child of her mother, as she has a younger brother named Truman Stewart who was also born through gestational surrogacy procedures. As a matter of fact, Jude and her brother share an exact age gap of only one year as Truman was born on 9th March 2012.

Jude Stewart and her brother, Truman Stewart with their grandmother. SOURCE: Pinterest

Fun facts, Jude was named after Rude Jude, who is also a radio and TV host known for his shows that include The Jenny Jones Show, SIRIUS Satellite RadioBad Biology, and Vegas Vampires. Her mother herself publicized the news.

And, moving on to the other significant factors, one must be wondering about the man Alexis shares her children with.

Who Is Jude Stewart's Father?

Jude Stewart is known as the daughter of Alexis Stewart and the granddaughter of Martha Stewart and her former husband, Andrew Stewart. But, who is the father of Jude and her brother, Truman Stewart?

Jude Stewart and her grandmother, Martha Stewart. SOURCE: Daily Mail

Well, as already mentioned, Jude and Truman were both born through surrogacy procedures. However, the sperm needed for the process were collected from sperm donors. And, to get to the point, the identity of the donor is also unknown.

Needless to say, Jude and Truman have been raised solely by her brave independent mother without the presence of any father figure. That also explains how they adopted their mother's surname. On the other side of the story, their mother was married to her former husband John R Cuti for seven years from 1997 to 2004.

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