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Secrets Of Judy Davis & Husband Colin Friels' Marriage With Two Children

Updated On 08 Oct, 2020 Published On 08 Oct, 2020
Secrets Of Judy Davis & Husband Colin Friels' Marriage With Two Children

Wonder what could be a success to a long lasting marriage? It's not much, but sometimes it could be keeping your relationship private without keeping any secrets. As a wise man once said, there's indeed a difference between privacy and secrecy. Perhaps, the case might be the same for actress Judy Davis too.

Glimpses Into Judy Davis' Married Life

What an extraordinary and phenomenal actress the legendary diva, one and only Judy Davis has been. The Miss Julie star has been blessed with a exceptional movie career, to our least surprise. But, Davis is also equally successful in her personal life.

Actress Judy Davis and husband Colin Friels wed in 1984. SOURCE: Spectator

After all, the Aussie actress enjoys a blissful married life with her long-term husband aka actor Colin Friels with whom, Judy prefers to live a low-key life as possible as she can. But, that doesn't mean, we know little about Davis and Friels' love story.

As many of her fans know, Judy Davis was brought up in a strict Catholic family where her parents forbid her to do many silly things with one being watching movies. But, ironically enough, it was movies that Judy was drawn into in her later life. And, if it wasn't for her passion for acting, the Ratched actress would have met her significant other.

That's quite true considering the fact that Davis met her then-boyfriend turned husband actor at the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) where she studied acting along with fellow actors, Mel Gibson and Dennis Olsen.

And, seven years later after Judy graduated from NIDA in 1977, Davis and Friels walked down the aisle not long since their engagement. Their wedding ceremony that was held in 19984 was a secret affair, though.

Judy Davis & Colin Friels Share Two Kids

Over the four decades of togetherness and more than three decades of their married life, actress Judy Davis and her husband became blessed enough to start their own family. Their marriage produced two children including a son and daughter both.

Judy Davis' son, Jack Friels with his father, Colin Friels. SOURCE: Daily Mail

Davis and her partner welcomed their firstborn aka their son, Jack Friels, three years after their marriage, in 1987. Friels turned 33 in 2020. Jack and her younger sister, Charlotte Friels share an exact ten years of age differences. Charlotte was born in 1997.

On the other hand, unlike their parents who are both renowned Hollywood actors, Jack and Charlotte aren't familiar to limelight and keep a mysterious public profile. But, Jack once brought shame to his family after he was involved in a violent fight in 2019 where he reportedly broke the eye sockets of the man he got physical with.

Lows Of Judy Davis' Marriage - Legal Battle

In regards to how Judy Davis and her partner Colin Friels have been together for more than forty years, their marriage can be considered a successful one. But, on the other hand, like any couple, Davis and Friels have also faced circumstances.

One of their first marital issues began when Davis took to the court to report that her husband hurt her physically during a heated argument. The scandalous incident which occurred in 2002 made big news and fuss at the time with divorce rumours.

However, neither Judy nor Colin announced any separation news and was reported to have settled their issues as they got back together. Since then, no marital issues including extramarital affairs are known upon Judy and Colin's marriage.

It seems like the Hollywood couple definitely reflected over the good times of their marriage throughout the years and reconciled. Like, who could forget the time, when Judy was there for his husband when Colin was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer with severe health issues in 1998.

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