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Kathleen York Of The West Wing & Boyfriend J.J. Blair Yet To Get Married

Updated On 14 Sep, 2020 Published On 14 Sep, 2020
Kathleen York Of The West Wing & Boyfriend J.J. Blair Yet To Get Married

Marriage isn't for everyone. One can still maintain a happy relationship with their partner without the need or pressure of putting a ring on it. Singer Kathleen York and her partner will definitely agree on this one.

Kathleen York Dating Musician Boyfriend J.J. Blair 

More than eleven years later, actress and singer Kathleen York is till going stronger with her man. The Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken artist ostensibly found the love of her life in her boyfriend, J.J. Blair.

Actress Kathleen York and partner J.J. Blair. SOURCE: Instagram

The currently 45 years old songstress, interestingly, met Blair in 2001. The couple. however, only got entangled as one in 2009 when they officially began dating and came out as a boyfriend and girlfriend. York is one of the prominent artists out there. But, what about her partner?

Well, Mr. Blair happens to be a multifaceted man too. He is a music producer, engineer, and singer himself. And, while much to their affair is kept secretive, one can definitely have a guess the two might have met through their professions.

In fact, both are accomplished with their careers. While York is an Oscar nominee for her work in 'In the Deep' for the movie 'Crash' where she dueted with Michael Becker, her boyfriend is a Grammy recipient producer.

Kathleen York & Possible Future Husband Not In A Rush To Marry

On the other hand, the Martha Vitkay actress on How to Get Away with Murder and her partner are yet to tie the knot. The couple might be in their forties at the moment, but age is not a problem to hurry them into a marriage, clearly.

Like we already stated marriage is not for everyone nor everyone believes in marriage to prove their love by involving law in between them, this beautiful couple seems to follow the same concept too.

Kathleen York and J.J. Blair are not engaged nor married. SOURCE: Pinterest

Kathleen York and long-term boyfriend J.J. Blair are definitely not married nor engaged yet. But, her future possible husband do share a house together with where they live like a married couple. Other than that, the Dream Lover actress and her loving boyfriend also do not share any kids together.

York and Blair, however, do share adorable dogs together. Matter of fact, Kathleen's boyfriend prefers to label him as a dog lover on his Instagram page where he seldom shows off his partner to keep their affair private.

Whatsoever, our best wishes to the amazing couple.

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