Home Article Is Interventionist Ken Seeley Dating someone? Details of his Relationship and struggles with Drug Addiction

Is Interventionist Ken Seeley Dating someone? Details of his Relationship and struggles with Drug Addiction

Updated On 04 Jan, 2018 Published On 04 Jan, 2018
Is Interventionist Ken Seeley Dating someone? Details of his Relationship and struggles with Drug Addiction

Ken Seeley hides his Marriage life with Wife from the public; Who is his Wife? Find out more his Career, and Net Worth

Ken Seeley is an author and interventionist who is mostly known for his appearance on the A&E reality show, Intervention. Ken who was once highly addicted to Crystal meth has lived his life involving both personally and professionally in recovery since 1989.

We all are aware of his journey and profession life but not aware of his personal life. What is his relationship status? Is their someone in his life who help him overcome his addiction?   

Ken Seeley; Is He Dating Someone? Details Of His Relationship Status

Unlike his famous professional life, Ken keeps his personal life low-key. Many of you may not know that he is an openly gay man and is proud of his sexuality.

Ken always knew he was different, but due to the society back then, he never was able to come out as gay. But thanks to his parents, they were quite supportive of him.

He is quite lucky when it comes to relationship. He is currently dating his boyfriend of many years, Eric McLaughlin.

Ken Seeley is currently dating Eric McLaughlin, they are together since 2003,
Source: The Desert Sun

Both of them are workhorses behind the scene of Intervention 911. He and Eric know each other for a long time, 13-years to be more specific. At first, they became good friends and started their firm.

As time went by Ken and Eric both started developing feelings for each other. And ever since they are together and happy.

Earlier this year, Ken wished his better half happy anniversary which means the couple started dating back on August 8, 2004. 


Went to dinner with parents for Valentine's..

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The couple is not engaged and nor do they have any plans to get married soon. They are happy with their current relationship. 

Ken Seeley-His Struggles With Drug Addiction

Not very long ago, Ken was going through addiction himself and his addiction was to drugs. While he was working, his employer started to notice Ken is getting thinner day by day.

Soon he got fired from his job. It was during this time, Ken was able to reflect on his life and saw something is not going well. He decided to step up and came out of his addiction.

In an interview back in 2014, he stated

"I just thought I would go [to treatment] to take a break, to figure out how to sell drugs better. I did not want to get sober at all. It would make me cringe when people would talk about AA and getting sober. I was having too much fun. It was the only time I felt connected."

Then after gaining his life back he and his current boyfriend, Eric decided to open their own intervention firm called 911 Intervention. It was a long journey for him but he stayed focus on his path and became successful. 

Ken Seeley; Quick facts

  • Born on October 25, 1962 (age 55), in the United States of America.
  • He belongs to the Caucasian race.
  • His parents raised him Catholic.
  • He is the author of Face It and Fix It.
  • He was also honored with Golden Palm Star.
  • He is a certified CIP, CCMI-M, RAS, and CATC.

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