Home Article Kevin Gates Married Dreka Gates in 2015 and is living happily as husband and wife with their Children

Kevin Gates Married Dreka Gates in 2015 and is living happily as husband and wife with their Children

Updated On 06 Dec, 2018 Published On 10 Apr, 2017
Kevin Gates Married Dreka Gates in 2015 and is living happily as husband and wife with their Children

Kelvin Gates tied a knot with his baby mama in 2015. Since then they are spending life together happily with two adorable kids.

One of the controversial couples Kevin Gates and Dreka Gates got married in 2015. The couple has always grabbed the headlines in the media either by changing their religion to Islam or by disclosing their sex life. 

The duo is living a happy family life as a husband and wife and also has two children, Islah Gates and Khaza Gates together. 

Let’s know how their relationship is going on and how they are spending their days!

Kelvin Gates Tied The Knot With His Longtime Girlfriend 

The couple tied in a single knot on October 17, 2015. Soon after the marriage, Gates wrote on Instagram,“The best thing I ever did.” The couple began their affair since 2006 for more than 13 years.

Kelvin Gates with his gorgeous bride

Source: Twitter

The excited suitor allowed all of his 2 million fans to enjoy the moment, as he shared a series of photos of the very event.

Before marriage, the duo was living an open relationship with both the kids.

Kelvin and his kids

Kelvin is living a satisfied, happy, and a complete life with Drake and two adorable kids.

He disclosed that having children and being in love has changed his life to an extremity out of all the struggles and depression.

Kelvin released his debut album, "Islah" on December 11 which is the name of his elder daughter and the project expresses the lesson he learned from having her.

Kelvin with his kids

Source: lipstick alley

Kelvin is also blessed with his another daughter Khaza. Drake gave birth to both the kids before her marriage.

How’s the love life going on?

Other than Kelvin’s wife, Dreka is her husband’s booking manager and also the co-founder of the Bread Winner’s Association. 

They are not only partners in life but also in work as well. They seem perfect for each other which is why even after so many years they are still together.

There is no news of them having any sorts of problems in their conjugal life and no signs of them getting a divorce. 

The couple in a sexy pose

  Source: YouTube

The couple never feels ashamed to discuss how they feel for each other they are so open-minded that they even shared their sex life to the world.

Drake admitted on an episode of Angela Yee’s Lip Service that nothing is off limits in terms of the couple’s sex life.

All the expressions of the couple portray immense and never-ending love for each other. 

Kevin Gates and Dreka Gates Converted To Islam

The news came as a shock for all of us when Kevin and his wife who followed Christianity converted to Islam and went to Mecca for Hajj in September 2016.


The impact had on someone is life changing - we love that you love us this much - #AllahUAkbar

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However, often in lives, we are not happy with the things we have done, sometimes we need a change. Maybe that is why they decided to change the religion. 

We admit that they are unique but the best part is they are perfect for each other. We wish them for the happy and successful life ahead. 

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