The tremendously talented ‘Kevin Gates’ is popularly known as the singer and a rapper. In 2016, his music album ‘IsIah’ succeeds to reach the number 2 position on the US Billboard 200 chart.

All of us knew him as one of the top singers but beyond her professional life how many of us have an idea of his personal life.

Well, today we are going to reveal the inside story of Kevin Gates' life including his personal and sex life. Kevin is a married man; he tied a knot with a very beautiful ‘Dreka Gates’. Despite that, he is also famous as the most controversial celebs in Hollywood.

To know more about your favorite star stay with us because we promise you, we tried our best to relate you with Kevin Gates life; let's begin!

Gorgeous couple-Kevin Gates and Dreka Gates         

Kevin and Dreka referred as one of the loveliest celebrity couples. They dated for 13 years before exchanging vows with one another. Dreka is Kevin’s booking manager and a social media celebrity.

Their wedding was one of the lavish marriage in the town. In October 2015, they officially announced as husband and wife.

Kevin with wife enjoying their wedding, Source: hip hop early

Mr. and Mrs. Gates seems happy at their marriage
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Kevin and Dreka cutting the cake at their wedding
Source: Vlad TV

If we checked Kevin's Instagram account then we found he never misses a chance to express his love for Dreka to his followers which prove their strong relationship.


Do what make you happy nigga

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Shooting a new video in Hawaii! You guys haven't heard this one yet! @iamkevingates #bossmaynedrek @shotbyspencer

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Open up about Sex life

In February 2016, Kevin along with his wife Dreka appeared on an episode of Angela Yee’s Lip Service.

On that show duo openly revealed about their sex life including their “freakiest” sexual; escaped.

Considering their interview it seems like couple are really happy with their sex life and if you don’t believe us then check out the videos below;

Sentenced to Six Months In Prison

On October 26, 2016, Kevin was sentenced to six months in prison. Judges of Florida found him guilty of misdemeanor battery for kicking an 18-year-old fan in the chest during a concert in Lakeland.

However, Dreka always seemed to be supportive towards his husband and she was criticizing the verdict of the court also.

According to her, it was a created story which doesn’t contain any reality and its main attempt is ‘fame and money’

She even expressed her anger through Instagram stating:

“Prosecution had wanted to give Kevin 60 days with anger management therapy, but for reasons undisclosed, the judges decided upon a six-month sentence.”


You mean to tell me that @iamkevingates kicked the girl in the red jumpsuit and knocked the breathe out her? Because that's what she's been claiming and testified today in court. If anything her friend choked the fuck out of her. She claims she fainted, but yet she and her friend stayed at the club at the front of the stage even after this incident. She also acquired a civil attorney early on...what does that tell you? She also touched him FIRST (more than once) without his consent but yet he was the one sentenced to jail today for the same crime. She and her friend also had very conflicting stories and were tripped up in many lies today in the courtroom. It was comical and sad at the same time to see how desperate people are for fame and money. Not to mention the prosecutors wanted to give him 60 days with anger management and community service but yet the judge decided to give him 180 days?!? Are you fucking kidding me. Inshallah justice will be served. #unjust #fuckery #polkcounty #smfh by the way, thanks for taking my husband away from our kids (sarcasm) #itsnotoverjustyet

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Kevin and Dreka converted to Islam

As we all know Kevin and his wife belongs to Christianity and their wedding was also done according to the Christian rituals.

However, often in lives, we are not happy with the things we have done, sometimes we need a change. Likewise, Kevin and Dreka also feel the same. 


The impact had on someone is life changing - we love that you love us this much - #AllahUAkbar

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They shared a video on YouTube where we found their opinion about religion change decision. Dreka clearly expressed her views and asked for support from their fans.

The 31-year-old singer and his wife converted to Islam and went in September 2016 to Mecca for Hajj.

About Children

The duo was blessed with two beautiful children named Islah Gates and Khaza Gates. Kevin and Dreka both seem to be socially active and often they shared sweet pictures of their kids.


#khaza #islah

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#islah #khaza I think Islah's hair is probably as long as mine when straight love my babies

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@iamkevingates #islah #khaza one of our tours in Europe #tb @shotbyspencer

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At last, we want to wish both the Kevin and Dreka a very happy and blissful married life with their two kids.