Home Article Kian Lawley, 21, and Meredith Mickelson, 18, are currently dating. Does the couple hold the future together?

Kian Lawley, 21, and Meredith Mickelson, 18, are currently dating. Does the couple hold the future together?

Updated On 29 Dec, 2021 Published On 28 Mar, 2017
Kian Lawley, 21, and Meredith Mickelson, 18, are currently dating. Does the couple hold the future together?

You tube sensation Kian is known for his charming personality and videos. Currently, he is romantically involved with Meredith Mickelson.

The teen choice awards winner Kian Lawley is one of the youtube sensations who gained much popularity at a young age. People are not only crazy about his videos but are insanely nuts about his good looks and charming personality as well. 

Lawley was in a relationship with his ex-girlfriend Meredith Mickelson and if you seek to know more about this ex cute couple you have to read out our article and here we begin!!

Kian Lawley and Meredith Mickelson's love life        

Previously, he was dating Meredith Mickelson, a model and former girlfriend of his friend Ethan Dolan.

Kian Lawley previously dated Meredith Mickelson, Source: Super Fame

There rumored relationship got official when their snap chat story and tweets got viral. 

Kian and Meredith's black and white intimate picture went viral on social sites which they spend together on New york.


Kian Lawley and Meredith Mickelson kept their relationship private. Source: Super Fame

Usually, the duo seems to share their romantic pictures on social sites and for sure they give some major relationship goals to their fans and followers.



A post shared by Kian Lawley (@kianlawley) on


thank you for having me @tommyhilfiger , it was amazing????

A post shared by MEREDITH MICKELSON (@meredithmickelson) on

If we check Meredith's post then we found her beautiful picture with 100 roses which she posted on Valentine's day and without any doubt we can say it was gifted from Kian.

Check it out!


100 roses & u, heaven

A post shared by MEREDITH MICKELSON (@meredithmickelson) on

Well, 6 months of their relationship and there were not any rumors heard regarding their split or having extra affairs. Fans hoped their relationship would last forever and they would always shower their love for each other.

However, Kian and Meredith couldn't work on continuing their relationship and broke up in 2017. 

Kian's past relationship with Andrea Russett

Before falling for Meredith, Kian had someone else in his life and she is none other than beautiful Youtube star Andrea Russett. It was believed that the duo broke up their two years of a long relationship in June 2014.

Kian with his ex-girlfriend 'Andrea', Source: Hollywood Take

However, officially they never admitted their relationship. All of sudden in June 2016 when Kian shared their picture on Instagram it looked like they are again back together but later that post got deleted.

Later, when Kian and Andrea's relationship gets trolled on social sites, Andrea decided to give clarification on this topic and she took the help of snap chat and here is a video of it. 


However, it looks like both of them have moved on in their life like Kian Andrea also found her love interest in Jack Gilinsky.

Wonderful Career of Kian Lawley

Kian is known as the American YouTuber and actor whose videos and acting skills were always the talk of the town. 


why am i in front of a bush? ??????

A post shared by Kian Lawley (@kianlawley) on

In 2015, Kian started his acting through the movie called The Chosen which helped him to gain Teen Choice awards for Choice YouTuber.


i used the coffee as a prop to make the pic seem less boring. i actually hate coffee.

A post shared by Kian Lawley (@kianlawley) on

Later, he worked in a few movies like; Shovel Buddies, Boo! A Madea Halloween. In January 2017, Lawley announced his new show H8TERS with his best friend JC Caylen. However, in 2020, Kian and Andria reunited for the YouTube series, The Reality House where 12 YouTubers would participate in challenges in a house.

Not to mention, the winner would receive a prize of $50,000. Indeed, both Kian and Andria participated too. While there was no romance spark between Kian and Andrea, the two seemed like they were still good friends.

At last, we want to wish Kian and his future girlfriend all the best for their upcoming projects and love life. 

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