Home Article Kibbutznik's Former Member Gal Tirosh Married To Wife Safra Catz- CEO Of Oracle Corporation

Kibbutznik's Former Member Gal Tirosh Married To Wife Safra Catz- CEO Of Oracle Corporation

Updated On 31 Jan, 2024 Published On 17 Jan, 2020
Kibbutznik's Former Member Gal Tirosh Married To Wife Safra Catz- CEO Of Oracle Corporation

It's not every day we hear about the men behind some of the empowering, independent, and powerful women leading the world. Speaking of which, meet Mr. Gal Tirosh, who savors a blissful life with his wife of over two decades, Safra Catz, who controls Oracle.

As per several sources, Gal Tirosh and his businesswoman of a wife, Safra Catz, wed in the late nineties. And, what a surprise it is, the couple still happens to be going strong despite their different profession. But, true love sees no difference in anything, be it age, race, religion, or profession.

Opposite Attracts: Gal Tirosh & Safra Catz's Love Story

Gal Tirosh, who enjoys football was a former football coach. , on the other hand, we have Safra Carz, a renowned American woman who has served as the co-CEO of Oracle, a billion-dollar tech company, since she was appointed in 2014.

Gal Tirosh married Safra Catz are both Jewish. SOURCE: Livemint

As Tirosh and Catz didn't share any similarities with their professional life, it can be assumed that it must have been one of the main points that attracted these two characters from an exactly different world.

On the contrary, the common thing between these two remains their ancestor's heritage and faith. Both Gal and Safra are indeed Jewish and originally hail from Israel, making it obvious that they are naturalized, American citizens.

Safra's father moved to the Middle East's country from Romania and the family moved to the United States, specifically in Massachusetts when she was only six years old.

Gal Tirosh's wife Safra Catz is the CEO of Oracle. SOURCE: Flickr

It's believed that Tirosh came across the fate of Catz much later after she finished her school at Brooklyn High School and the University of Pennsylvania. To your surprise, Safra keeps much of her personal life under the radar and despises the attention of the limelight thrown at her.

Gal Tirosh & Safra Catz Are Parents To Two Sons

After the couple briefly began dating, Tirosh wanted to step up the game and ask the hand of Catz in marriage. Of course, Catz said yes, and soon, believed to be in 1997, the love birds exchanged their marital vows to spend the rest of their life together, in sickness, health, and wealth.

Safra Catz and her husband Gal Tirosh co-parent two sons.  SOURCE: Pinterest

Their marriage produced two children, both sons Gary Tirosh and Scott Tirosh. The happy family of four resides in Los Angeles, near the headquarters office of Oracle.

But, what's even more important and ideal about the relationship of the Palo Alto former coach and his wife, is the understanding, respect, honesty, trust, and, of course, the love that keeps these two individuals together.

As a matter of fact, when occupied with work and meetings, Catz never needed to worry about picking up the boys from school, as her husband wouldn't mind being helpful. Not to mention, the top-notch industrialist even credits Mr. Tirosh with her mega-success.

Also on the bright side, there has never been any divorce or extra-marital affairs between Tirosh and Catz.

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