Home Article Jill Wager is soon getting married to fiancé David Lemanowicz: The couple have a daughter together: Got engaged in 2016

Jill Wager is soon getting married to fiancé David Lemanowicz: The couple have a daughter together: Got engaged in 2016

Updated On 24 Jan, 2019 Published On 09 Mar, 2017
Jill Wager is soon getting married to fiancé David Lemanowicz: The couple have a daughter together: Got engaged in 2016

Traveling across the country, heading out for new destinations and adventures, the gorgeous and talented host of popular show "Handcrafted America", Jill Wagner is living the life everyone has dreamt of.

Admit it guys, as she's taking us cross-country to explore art and crafts, make us taste the lives of artisans, the stories of their families, their journeys and their dreams on her show. Doesn't it sound exciting?

Although the host who rose to fame after hosting the famous comedy show "Wipe Out", life appears to be nomadic, she has got a beautiful home and a loving husband to look up to at the end of the day.

She is a happily engaged woman to her longtime boyfriend and fiance, David Lemanowicz.

Let's find out more details about the adorable couple.                     

Jill Wager is soon getting married to fiancé David Lemanowicz: It was not love at the first sight for Jill and fiancé David Lemanowitz

Falling in love at the first sight is cliche as we've all been there and it definitely takes a few dates and romantic dinners to actually fall in love.

But for Jill and David, it took 17 long years to be the amazing couple that they're now.

Jill Wagner with fiance David Lemanowicz on Hallmark show
Source: Instagram

While guest appearing on the popular Hallmark Show, "Home and Family", Jill and her fiance shared the amazing story behind their first encounter and their relationship. 

It happened to be that Jill first met her now fiance David at a friend's party. The 17-year-old beautiful Jill and 20-year-old college hockey player didn't fell for each other instantly.

17-year-old Jill Wagner and 20-year-old David
Source: Hallmark Channel

They went out for three times on casual dates and then the sweet Jill started falling for the dashing athlete.

But the worst thing happened as David didn't call her after that. She quoted:

I used to sneak out from my house and from my dad and go see him. We went out three times and then, I never heard from him!"

Jill was heartbroken at that time but who knew fate had some other way to introduce them again. The Blade TV series co-star, Jill went on a USO tour in Afghanistan and there she met her heartbreaker, David Lemanowicz.

Coincidently, David worked in US Air Force as a special agent and was deployed to Afghanistan on a special mission.

David Lemanowicz on US Army in Afghanistan
Source: Hallmark Channel

The two caught each other's eyes after so many years and went on for a casual drink to catch up what's been going on.


#happynewyear Give 2017 all you got

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Eventually, they started dating each other and got into a relationship and has been together, going strong ever since.

Jill and David engaged happily together; The couple have a daughter together

Jill and the former professional goalie for NHL, David has been happily engaged as they got engaged last year on October 3, 2016.

The duo got secretly engaged but Jill shared the precious moment of her life in Instagram and cherished the moment together.

Ever since the pair has been inseparable and madly in love.

Also, the two are having the best times of their lives and Jill often shares adorable pictures of her with him on her official page. Check them out!


And the cross country adventure begins. #route66 #ilovediners #tennesseeherewecome

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The soon to wed couples, Jill and David together have a daughter named "Lija" The perfect family of three live together in their grand mansion and look really happy and perfect.

Jill and David soon to tie knots: Have registered their date too!

News Flash!!

The gorgeous actress Jill and former national hockey player David has finally registered for their wedding.

The big day will be held on April 8, 2017, which will be celebrated at Raleigh, North Carolina, USA.


Jill and David's wedding registry, Source: Registry The Knot

As for now, the couple is planning their wedding as it's due next month.


The couple is now happily married. they tied the knot in the month of April 2017 and seems very happy together. The cute posts of their Instagram account prove the beautiful relationship they share.

See these posts of the beautiful pair!!! 


Hair by @sienree party by @hallmarkchannel look by : vintage Chanel #tca2017 @chanelofficial

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Wagner sat down with Mario Lopez earlier in 2018 at Universal Studios Hollywood and explained about her real-life love story:


David was married to wife back in 2005

The former hockey goalie, Lemanowicz married his wife, Gina in 2005 prior to marrying Jill Wagner. Both have been dating for a long time before tying the knots.

They lived in Edinburg with four dogs (“all mutts from the Humane Society”) but later the duo got divorced and the reason behind it has not been revealed by the athlete yet.

As for now, David and Jill are really happy together and are soon to be married. We can't wait to see them walking down the aisle and start a beautiful family together.

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