Home Article Actress Leah Kreitz Is Married To Husband Gabe Quiroga - Do They Share Any Kids?

Actress Leah Kreitz Is Married To Husband Gabe Quiroga - Do They Share Any Kids?

Updated On 30 Jan, 2021 Published On 30 Jan, 2021
Actress Leah Kreitz Is Married To Husband Gabe Quiroga - Do They Share Any Kids?

Leah Kreitz is having a blast with her married life and it is what she deserves. The actress and businesswoman married more than a year ago with what could be called an adventurous wedding. But, how adventurous was Leah's wedding?

Leah Kreitz Wed In Las Vegas In 2019

Actress Leah Keritz who is best known for her role in AWOL and Dash & Lily has been married for almost two years now. And, marriage has been everything she has expected for and more.

Leah Kreitz and her husband Gabe Quiroga tied the knot in 2019. SOURCE: Instagram

Well, Kreitz has been married to her boyfriend turned husband, Gabe Quiroga since July 2019. Leah tied the knot with Gabe someone she calls the weirdest guy she ever met in NV desert, Las Vegas in an intimate wedding ceremony. They picked 18th July 2019 as their wedding day.

And, for her big day where Leah rocked a white and blue summer dress as a bride, her best friend Amanda Kraft took over the role of officiator. And, as for Kreitz's groom who is professionally a visual artist and illustrator, Mr. Quiroga looked handsome in a white and orange butterfly print shirt.

Kreitz Planned Wedding Celebration In July 2021 

The gorgeous couple indeed had an outdoor and simple ceremony. But, Kreitz's favorite memorable part of the wedding was the presence of her grandmother Lola, who unfortunately passed away at the end of the year.

Leah Kreitz and her husband Gabe Quiroga with the actress's late grandmother Lola on their wedding. SOURCE: Instagram

And, just a year later on their first wedding ceremony, Leah and her partner had planned to celebrate big with a reception. Sadly, the COVID-19 pandemic got on its way. But, as Leah has some of the most amazing friends in the world, her friends threw a surprise party, of course, by taking precautions to prevent Coronavirus infections.

Leah and her husband Gabe have still not changed their mind on their grand wedding celebration, though. Speaking of which, the couple has organized a summer wedding celebration on 16th July 2021 to honor their marital union.

Are Leah Kreitz & Gabe Quiroga Planning Children?

With actress Leah Kreitz and her husband Gabe Quiroga being married for almost two years, fans might suspect if the couple has decided to start a family of their own, excluding their beloved cat Cecilia.

Actress Leah Kreitz and her husband Gabe with their cat Cecilia. SOURCE: Twitter

Is Leah who flaunts such amazing hair pregnant with her first child? As of January 2021, Leah is not pregnant nor has made any pregnancy announcement. It looks as if both Kreitz and Quiroga have decided to wait a little longer before they make the bold decision.

On the other hand, when Kreitz and Quiroga finally decide to have their children, it seems like their kids will have both of their parents' names. Well, Kreitz and Quiroga didn't opt to change their surname after their legal marriage, as the couple announced on their website.

But, if the Dash & Lily star ever decides to have her offsprings, her kids will have an amazingly supportive family system including their aunt aka actress Dana Kreitz who is Leah's twin sister and business partner at Hapa Media.

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