Home Article Lisa Boothe is dating her mystery boyfriend: Couple might get married soon: She Might start a family and have a husband and children.

Lisa Boothe is dating her mystery boyfriend: Couple might get married soon: She Might start a family and have a husband and children.

Updated On 27 May, 2019 Published On 27 Feb, 2017
Lisa Boothe is dating her mystery boyfriend: Couple might get married soon: She Might start a family and have a husband and children.

Lisa Boothe, who is a well known Republican strategist, donot have any records of dating someone or been in a relationship so far and it seems she doesnot really like talking about her private life too.

Life as a news reporter is pretty exciting. You get to go to all these new places to report most important happenings around the globe. And for a gorgeous woman to do something like this, it's a matter of pride and respect.

Among such glorified woman, Lisa Boothe is one who has achieved success sky high and something more priceless than that, a million admirers and fans.

If the name Lisa Boothe doesn't ring any bell then, she's a well-known Republican strategist and a brilliant political commentator working for FOX News Channel.

The young and vibrant political analyst has raised a lot of curiosity among her fans regarding her personal life and dating history.           

Lisa is undoubtedly one of the stunning commentators in the industry and it's pretty suspicious that how can she still be single and not married. Let's find out the truth behind this mystery in this section.

Lisa Boothe is dating her mystery boyfriend: She Might start a family and have a husband and children     

The Founder and President of public affairs firm, High Noon Strategies, Lisa Boothe is no longer on the market! Sorry to break the news guys, but it's true.

Source: Twitter

The beautiful political analyst has remained coy about her private life and affairs since a long time. 

Also, there has not been any sorts of gossips or rumors about her link-ups or past relationships which made us pretty difficult to find out about her personal life.

However, thanks to our sources, we recently found that Lisa is in a relationship with her mystery boyfriend.

Back in 2015, Lisa posted a picture of her on Facebook and in the comments below, we found something that would clear all the confusions.

We found that she's been dating her boyfriend named John Bourbonia Cummins since a long time.

Source: Facebook

She posted a comment stating "Love You, Mean it" with a smiley which anticipates all of us.

Source: Facebook

John possibly could be her long time boyfriend. Despite all of this, we still cannot confirm that Lisa is dating John as both have not revealed anything about it till date.

Is Lisa getting married this year?

This is the most anticipated one as a lot of queries has been asked about this by her fans. Now, we know that she's not possibly single, we could assume that she's planning to tie the knots very soon.

Source: Lisa Boothe

The commentator in her late 30's, however, has not announced publicly about her tying the knots this year. So, these might be all just a baseless rumors and hearsays and she still remains an eligible bachelorette.



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As for now, she's super-focused in her rising career. She has a busy work schedule and spends most of her time at the studio, hosting live news show along with A-list reporters of the news industry.


I had a blast today with my friend @petehegseth on @foxfriendsfirst!

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Knowing more about Lisa

Born in Ohio, West Virginia, Lisa always had a strong passion about hosting live news show and being a part of the giant political bubble.

Graduating from the University of Tennessee, in political science and government in 2007, Lisa's career started way early as she is a hard-working and dedicated person.

Source: P interest

She was an integral part of the executive team of WPA Research where she contributed by leading the polling efforts for political campaigns across the country.

Lisa also served as the chief spokeswoman for the Sandy Adams (Congress) and Tommy Thompson for Senate campaigns in the 2012 election.

Two years later, she got this life changing an opportunity to serve as the Senior Director of the Black Rock Group where she led communications efforts for a Fortune 500 company, Super PAC's and was also the part of the winning consulting team for the Dan Sullivan for U.S. Senate.


What a blast today on @thefivefnc!

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She has also served as spokeswoman for Representative Sandy Adams, Mark Meadows, and Shelley Moore.

As for now, she's the Founder and President of High Noon Strategies and political commentator working for FOX News Channel, Fox Business, and Fox Friends.

No wonder she has a net worth of approx $1Omilion with more than $2 million annual salary. 

If you want latest updates of the talented analyst, follow her on Twitter right here.  

Here's a video of Lisa Boothe on an interview with Bill O'Reilly along with Juan Williams.

All in all, the versatile, dynamic and exceptionally talented commentator, Lisa has established herself as a well-recognized media personality and we really hope that she get married soon with her speculated boyfriend. 

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