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Love on the Limelight: The Unbreakable Bond of Priscilla Shirer and Husband Jerry Shirer

Updated On 06 Mar, 2024 Published On 29 Jun, 2023
Love on the Limelight: The Unbreakable Bond of Priscilla Shirer and Husband Jerry Shirer

Priscilla Shirer is a well-known actress, motivational speaker, Christian evangelist, and author who has inspired thousands of women with her books, videos, conferences, and web shows. But behind her successful ministry and career, there is a man who supports her every step of the way: her husband Jerry Shirer. Jerry Shirer is not just Priscilla’s spouse, but also her partner in ministry. How did this power couple meet and fall in love? How do they balance their busy schedules and family life? How do they keep their marriage strong and healthy after more than two decades? Here are some interesting facts about their lasting union.

Who is Priscilla Shirer?

Priscilla Shirer is a multifaceted woman who uses her gifts and talents to serve God and His people. She is an author, motivational speaker, actress, Christian media personality, and evangelist. She comes from a family of influential Christian leaders: her father is Tony Evans, the pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, Texas, and her brother is Anthony Evans, a gospel singer and worship leader.

Priscilla Shirer is an author, motivational speaker, actress, Christian media personality, and evangelist. Image Source: Pinterest

Furthermore, she is also the founder of Going Beyond Ministries, a ministry that aims to equip believers with the truth of God’s Word and empower them to live out their faith in every area of life. She has written several books and Bible studies that cover topics such as prayer, discerning God’s voice, the armor of God, and the life of Elijah. She has also appeared in several Christian films that portray the power of God’s grace and redemption, such as War Room, I Can Only Imagine, and Overcomer

How Does Jerry Shirer Support & Serves His Wife and Family?

Jerry Shirer is the one and only husband of the renowned Priscilla Shirer. But Jerry is more than just Priscilla’s spouse, he is also her partner in ministry. He manages the day-to-day details of their Going Beyond Ministries, such as negotiating book contracts and answering speaking requests. He also supports Priscilla’s vision and calling and encourages her to pursue God’s purpose for her life.

Likewise, he also shares household chores and childcare with Priscilla, as they raise their three sons (ages 14, 13, and 8) at their home in suburban Dallas. He is a hands-on dad who enjoys spending time with his boys, playing games, watching movies, and teaching them about God’s love. He is a man of integrity, faith, and humility, who loves his family and his Lord.

How Did Priscilla Shirer And Her Husband Jerry Shirer Meet? When Did They Get Married?

Jerry Shirer and Priscilla Shirer are a remarkable couple who have been married for over 21 years and have three sons together. They are also ministry partners, as they run Going Beyond Ministries, a ministry that equips believers through books, Bible studies, conferences, and films.

The husband and wife duo first met in March 1998 at a conference where Priscilla was a guest speaker and Jerry was the Director of International Operations for Hilton Hotels. The duo's meeting was arranged by a lady who had invited her to a luncheon. They interacted and fell in love with one another and after some time they got married in 1999.

Jerry Shirer with his wife Priscilla Shirer.

They support each other’s vision and calling and encourage each other to pursue God’s purpose for their lives. They also share household chores and childcare and enjoy spending time with their family. They are a couple of integrity, faith, and humility, who love God and His people.

The couple has faced many challenges and trials in their marriage, but they have overcome them with God’s grace and wisdom. They are an example of a godly marriage that honors God and blesses others.

Priscilla And Jerry Shirer: A Grace-Filled Marriage

Priscilla and Jerry acknowledge that their marriage is not flawless, but it is full of grace. They have encountered difficulties and hardships, such as health problems, financial stress, and parenting disagreements. But they have depended on God’s grace and strength to overcome them.

They also cultivate forgiveness and humility in their relationship. They don’t let bitterness or resentment grow between them, but they communicate openly and kindly. They don’t neglect each other, but they show their love and gratitude often. 

Above all, they put God at the core of their marriage. They pray together every day, study the Bible together frequently, and worship together every week. Priscilla and Jerry Shirer are a model of a couple who love God and love each other with all their souls. Further, check out the woman behind the successful actor and comedian Shawn Wayans. 

How Priscilla and Jerry Shirer Work Together in Their Ministry?

Priscilla and her husband Jerry share a common vision for their ministry: to exalt God and proclaim His truth to the world. They work together as a team to fulfill their calling and serve others with their gifts.

Jerry handles the business side of their ministry, while Priscilla focuses on the creative side. He also travels with her to most of her speaking engagements and conferences, where he often leads worship or prays for the attendees.

They also support each other’s personal growth and development. Jerry encourages Priscilla to pursue her dreams and goals, such as acting in movies like War Room (2015) and Overcomer (2019). Priscilla respects Jerry’s leadership and wisdom and seeks his counsel on important decisions.

What is Priscilla Shirer's Net Worth?

Priscilla Shirer is a well-known figure in the Christian media and entertainment industry. She has authored several books, such as Fervent, Discerning the Voice of God, and The Resolution for Women, inspiring thousands of women to grow in their faith and prayer life. She has also spoken at numerous conferences and events, where she teaches the Bible with passion and clarity.

Priscilla Shirer has a total net worth of $3 million as of now.

In addition to her writing and speaking ministry, Priscilla Shirer has also ventured into acting. She has starred in three movies produced by the Kendrick Brothers: War Room, I Can Only Imagine, and Overcomer.

These films have been successful at the box office and have spread the gospel message to millions of viewers. As of 2023, her net worth is estimated to be around $3 million.

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