Home Article Love Story of Tobias Santelmann & His Wife Jennifer Braathen Will Put You In Awe

Love Story of Tobias Santelmann & His Wife Jennifer Braathen Will Put You In Awe

Updated On 18 Dec, 2023 Published On 12 Feb, 2020
Love Story of Tobias Santelmann & His Wife Jennifer Braathen Will Put You In Awe

Some of us might not believe in love at first sight, but what about falling in love at second sight or at the second meet?

That's right, this is something we would like to share about the one and only Norwegian superstar Tobias Santelmann, and his long-term partner, Jennifer Braathen. So readers, get ready to have your heart filled with loads of thrills and awes.

Tobias Santelmann First Met His Wife Jennifer Braathen At A Toilet

Highly addressing actors' love life, we often get to hear how they meet their significant half whilst working on the set of a film, through mutual friends, or by being set up on a blind date, or at events. But that is not the kind of story you're going to hear this time.

Norwegian actor Tobias Santelmann first met her girlfriend-turned-wife Jennifer Braathen at a public toilet.  SOURCE: Pinterest

So, yes, the Norwegian handsome indeed met the love of his life, Jennifer Braathen, with whom he has been for several years, at a public toilet whilst attending an event organized in Torshovteatret; a national theatre and library in Oslo.

Interestingly, both Tobias and Jennifer who would soon be the Point Break actor's girlfriend, had a slight notice of each other. But, of course, since it was a quick first meet at a public toilet, neither Santelmann nor Braathen took any big interest.

If only they knew what was coming ahead of them, a week later actually. So, yes, fate unites these two beautiful human beings once again at a public event. It seems as if the universe was seriously playing a game and wanted to pair them up after failing the first time.

Tobias Santelmann and his wife, Jennifer Braathen spotted at a public event.  SOURCE: The Sun

And, this time, Santelmann highly noticed the presence of Miss Braathen. And, unable to resist the temptation from such a gorgeous woman, he stepped up the game and approached Jennifer. Good for the Hercules star, Braathen who is a journalist by profession didn't mind at all.

And, the next thing we know, Tobias and Jennifer are happily in love and together. The love birds even move into the same apartment within the eight months since they had their first acquaintance. Not to mention, Jennifer also often makes her appearance alongside her partner at public events. 

See a video of Jennifer Braathen answering an interviewer on her life partner below.

As we expected, Braathen is very supportive of her man.

The Last Kingdom Star And His Partner Jennifer Braathen Welcomed A Daughter In 2018; Are They Married?

In case you didn't know, the Freiburg-born actor is also a father of a child he shares with Jennifer, of course. The birth of their child, a daughter named Alba Santelmann, was announced by Santelmann himself on Instagram on 13 July 2018.

Actor Tobias Santelmann shares a snap of his daughter on social media. SOURCE: Tobias Santelmann Instagram

The Last Kingdom alum where he portrayed Ragnar co-starring Alexander Dreymon, David Dawson, and Millie Brady, shared a much adorable picture of his beloved daughter on the photo-streaming application and sweetly captioned it with, "Min Alba" meaning "My Alba" in English.

Santelmann, an extremely private person, however, remains super skeptical and thus, seldom shares pictures of his daughter and partner on social media. Jennifer, likewise, a private person has her Instagram on private mode.

Meanwhile, as the couple remains skeptical to share glimpses of their love life in public, it's hard to point out whether they are married or not. However, the small but happy family of three resides in Oslo.

Update 2023: Tobias Santelmann And Jennifer Braathen Are Married!

Tobias Santelmann and Jennifer Braathen, who were once lovers, have now taken their relationship to a higher level by tying the knot. However, the Kon-Tiki actor has chosen to keep the details of their wedding private. He values his family's privacy, including their child, and prefers to shield them from the media and public attention. Furthermore, it is not learned whether Tobias and his spouse share any more children besides their daughter.

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