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Mandy Shanahan; Happily Married To Husband Kyle Shanahan With Three Children

Published On 13 Jan, 2020
Mandy Shanahan; Happily Married To Husband Kyle Shanahan With Three Children

It must be such a thrilling experience and an absolute privilege to be happily married to your high school sweetheart. But, as romantic as the high school love story of Mandy Shanahan sounds, it's equally filled with heartbreaks too.

Despite everything Mandy Shanahan and her long-term boyfriend turned husband, Kyle Shanahan went through, the ideal couple came above every obstacle their relationship struggled with, though. And, whilst you're at it, here's a brief glimpse at Mr. and Mrs. Shanahan's relationship's history.

Mandy Shanahan & Kyle Shanahan Attended The Same School

The faithful wife of the famous American football coach was in her teenage years and at the Cherry Creek High School, one of the seven oldest schools in Denver, when she met the love of her life.

At the time, however, Mandy and Kyle rarely knew each other since the footballer was a year senior. As a matter of fact, the two only began dating after Mrs. Shanahan completed her school level whilst her then-boyfriend had already joined the University of Texas.

Two young people struggling with college work and their career, sadly, found it difficult to work out their long-distance relationship as Mandy then joined the University of Colorado, which is nearly 1000 km far from UT. The two split. But, it was a mutual decision and the two still decided to be close with no hard feelings and to stay in touch.

Death Of Mandy's Mother United Them Again

Not long after their first and also their last break-up, the world of Mandy came crashing down whilst she was a college junior upon the news of her mother's illness with gall-bladder cancer. As a matter of fact, it was later discovered that Mandy's deceased mother who went by the name Nancy O'Donnell was actually on stage four of cancer.

A teacher by profession, Miss Nancy's treatment couldn't be performed well and left the world soon in 2002 at the age of only 57. And, thankfully, it was Kyle whom Mandy found her console in.

Mandy Shanahan and her husband Kyle Shanahan studied at the same school. SOURCE: Sanfrancisco Chronicles

Kyle, who would regularly visit Mandy and her dying mom at the weekends by flying Colorado from Texas and even often take Nancy for long walks was the one to help Mandy and her mother throughout the tough time.

And, it was since those moments, Mandy realized it was Kyle she was supposed to be with forever. The man that would never do her wrong and disappoint her. Needless to say, on the bright side, whilst Mandy lost a beloved member of her life, she gained another one.

Later in an interview, both Kyle and Mandy accepted it was in that particular hardship of their life the two saw the real side of each other, which made them fall in love all over again. 

Mandy & Kyle Ties The Knot In Their Mid-Twenties

At the age of 26, whilst Kyle enjoyed the beginning phase of his football career, he somewhat made the best decision of his life when he asked Mandy to marry him. A lot of people around the two constantly reminded the Minnesota born athlete he was too young to wed. But, Kyle didn't listen.

Mandy pictured with her husband and children. SOURCE: Player Wives

The only thing he listened to was his heart. The coach of the San Francisco 49ers, in fact, admitted himself that he wasn't the kind of person who wanted to marry young. And, that seemingly changed after his courtship with Mandy, Kyle's right person.

With that being said, Kyle and Mandy put on their wedding dresses on the fine day of 5th July in 2005 and walked down the aisle. Both the couple emotionally accepted each other as their husband and wife to spend the rest of their life together, in sickness and in health.

Mothers Three Children With Husband 

Two years later of their holy matrimony, Mandy and her husband decided to start a family of their own and welcomed their first child, a daughter, who they named Stella Shanahan in 2007.

A picture-perfect family of Mandy and Kyle Shanahan with their three children. SOURCE: Pinterest

Stella, likewise, was followed by her siblings including younger brother Carter Shanahan, born in 2009 and their youngest child so far, a daughter named Lexi Louise Shanahan, Mandy gave birth to on 22nd October 2012.

Also, adorably enough, Mr. Shanahan even made playlists that consist of more than 400 songs to honor the birth of his every child. Besides, all three children of Mandy and Kyle can be regularly spotted in the field to show their support for the significant man of their life and to watch the football games.

And, for a father who is mostly busy with work, things can be, sometimes, tough when Kyle doesn't get to spend enough time with his children and gets upset when Stella, Lexi, and Carter happen to be already asleep when he gets home, late at eleven.

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