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Remember When Rachael Carpani & Matt Passmore Dated?

Updated On 23 Jan, 2020 Published On 23 Jan, 2020
Remember When Rachael Carpani & Matt Passmore Dated?

It only feels like a distant memory when Rachael Carpani and Matt Passmore used to be a thing. In case you didn't know the gorgeous actress and Mr. Passmore once upon a time shared a romantical history.

Their fans were rooting hard for them. But, speaking more of Rachael's relationship with Matt, it's one hell of a story on how they got together. Too bad, they couldn't last forever. But, hey, everything happens for a reason, right?

Rachael Carpani First Met Matt Passmore Whilst Filming McLeod's Daughters

After McLeod's Daughters began airing, it instantly became a huge success with having over 1.5 million viewers per episode. As the show started to receive its critical acclaim, it's cast including Ben Milliken, Dustin Clare, Brett Tucker and Rachael Carpani who portrayed Jodi Fountain-Leod became more renowned as their career flourished.

Aussie actress Rachael Carpani standing aside ex-boyfriend, Matt Passmore. SOURCE: Pinterest

And, it was also on the set of the hit Aussie series, Rachael first had the chance to meet Matt Passmore, who co-starred as Marcus, the half-brother of Alex Ryan, portrayed by Aaron Jeffrey. Interestingly, at the time, Rachael and Matt were nothing but just a colleague and friends who met through work.

Moreover, Matt joined the show only in 2006. Also, the Queensland born actor ironically played the love interest of Stephanie Ryan. And, after getting to know each other and spending more time on the set, Rachael and Matt became more close. And, a few dates later, it was clear, they shared mutual feelings for each other.

The two started to make public appearances together too. As a matter of fact, Carpani worked together with Matt again in the US crime drama, The Glades, where their so-called twangy American accent also attracted viewers' attraction.

But, at the end of 2011 after nearly five years of togetherness, news surfaced the couple parted their ways.

Why Did Rachael & Matt Break Up?

Unfortunately, The Glades was both a curse and boon to their relationship. As a matter of fact, Matt was too busy filming the series, he was rarely home in Australia, a worrisome matter for his mother. Not only Passmore could manage time to fly to the Aussieland from the United States, but he was working 18 hours a day and six days a week.

Rachael Carpani and Matt Passmore split in 2011. SOURCE: Pinterest

Consequently, this affected Matt's personal life, especially with his girlfriend. The matter was pretty much the same for Rachael too, who at the time had a hectic schedule with working on the set of Against The Wall, struggled with time management with her deteriorating personal life.

But, it seemed as the separation was a mutual decision. Because when asked in an interview about her relationship, Rachael was friendly enough to share that she was single and the matter wasn't a problem to her. Rachael is still happily single today, as of Jan 2020.

But, as for Matt, who was married to his first wife Jacqueline Bawtree until 2006 before he dated Rachael, tied the knot for the second time with second wife, Natalia Cigliuti.

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