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Megan Colarossi - Proud Single Mom Of Two - Divorced Husband Chris Colarossi

Updated On 12 Feb, 2021 Published On 12 Feb, 2021
Megan Colarossi - Proud Single Mom Of Two - Divorced Husband Chris Colarossi

Producer and anchor Megan Colarossi has interviewed tons of celebrities. But, not many have gotten the chance to get to know Colarossi well. The TV host is a proud single mother of two daughters.

Megan Colarossi Was Married But Divorced

American TV anchor and media personality Megan DeSales Colarossi worked with big brands and companies including CNN, NBC, and MTV. She has traveled the world, learned, grown, and lived an adventurous life.

Colarossi has indeed been lucky with her career. Unfortunately, luck didn't seem to favor Megan with her marriage at home that couldn't flourish. Well, Megan was previously married to her first and former husband, Chris Colarossi for almost a decade.

Megan met and fell in love with Chris in the early/mid-2000s before they got hitched in 2007 in an intimate wedding ceremony. With a supportive and understanding husband, Megan had nothing to worry about.

Sadly, the couple couldn't fulfill their matrimony vows to death. Almost after ten years of enjoying their companionship and union as a husband and a wife, Megan and Chris decided to part ways in 2017.

A family picture of Megan Colarossi with her former husband Chris Colarossi and their two kids. SOURCE: Instagram

The rumors of Megan's broken marriage surfaced in 2017 but was only confirmed a few months later that the two have officially split and divorced. The Southern California-bred and Chris, both chose not to shed more light on their divorce, though.

Megan Colarossi Is A Proud Single Mum Of Two

As an educated and independent woman, the divorce with now estranged husband Chris Colarossi couldn't break Megan Colarossi. And, with the existence of her lovely children in her life, Megan knows she has everything she could ever want.

Megan Colarossi's daughter's Hudson and Quinn Colarossi. SOURCE: Instagram

Well, Megan is a mother to two young kids, both of whom she shares with her former husband. Megan and Chris welcomed their first child a daughter named Hudson Colarossi in 2011. 

And, a couple of years later in 2013, Hudson received the gift of having a little sister aka Quinn Colarossi from her parents. As a single working mother, Megan loves her kids dearly and consider them as her greatest achievements.

After divorcing Chris, Megan moved to Los Angeles from New York where she worked and lived for more than 15 years. And, it seems like Colarossi has full custody of her kids while Chris can get visiting hours to see his children.

Nonetheless, the former host of The Way Home and her ex-husband share no hard feelings. And, Colarossi is content to live her life as a single mother.

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