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Facts Of Dr. Mel Brecknell - Wife Of TV Anchor Avery Haines

Updated On 03 Nov, 2020 Published On 03 Nov, 2020
Facts Of Dr. Mel Brecknell - Wife Of TV Anchor Avery Haines

Correspondent Avery Haines is one of the luckiest women to be married to a loving partner who is super caring, generous and someone who happens to be a doctor by the profession. But, what else do you know about the loving wife of the popular Canadian journalist?

Mel Brecknell - Known As Wife Of Avery Haines

Life has been perfect for Mel Brecknell who has been over the moon since she met her significant half. Brecknell is indeed the true love of Avery Haine's life. But, how did a correspondent and a doctor ended up falling in love?

Mel Brecknell, an urgent veteran doctor. SOURCE: Facebook

Their romantic life is truly one of a kind, interestingly. However, neither Brecknell nor her wife is fond of showing off their personal life and achievements to the world like the Kardashians. Thus, much to their early love life is not known to the public yet.

But, as they say, everyone has someone made for them, it was Brecknell who was meant to be for Haines who was previously married to another person for a long time. And, after being together for years, Brecknell and Haines exchanged their marital vows in an intimate wedding ceremony in 2016

Mel Brecknell and her wife, Avery Haines together. SOURCE: Facebook

Not to let it go, the wedding story of Brecknell and her girlfriend turned wife is also one of a kind that will absolutely touch your heart. Basically, it was the day of her birthday that Brecknell got married to Haines. And, it was a surprise wedding. Yes, you read that right.

Wedding Of Mel Brecknell & Avery Haines

On the day of her wedding, Mel Brecknell had no single clue that she would be getting married on her birthday which was arranged by her then-girlfriend turned wife and her son. All Brecknell knew was she was invited to her grand birthday party at the Toronto City Hall on 10th April.

As Brecknell was excited to attend her birthday party, she put on her best birthday suit to look decently good and drove off to the venue. But, as she reached there, she was shocked by the presence of her partner donned in a black dress who walked down the aisle with her three children who served as the bridesmaids. Avery is a mum of two sons and a daughter.

The Award-winning journalist asked Brecknell to marry her. Of course, Brecknell was moved by the gesture and emotionally said yes. On the other hand, Brecknell and her wife had no intention to share the news of their same-sex marriage to the public and only decided to do show after the tragic Orlando Shooting of June 2016.

Dr. Mel Brecknell and her wife Avery Haines on their wedding day in 2016. SOURCE: Macleans

Brecknell, in addition, doesn't have her own children. But, Mel who is of English descent is a step-mother to three children from Haines's marriage to her first and former husband. And, just like Haines' marriage to Brecknell, her first marriage to her divorced husband is a big mystery.

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