Home Article Meteorologist Kalee Dionne blissfully married; How and when did she met her partner?

Meteorologist Kalee Dionne blissfully married; How and when did she met her partner?

Published On 08 Jan, 2020
Meteorologist Kalee Dionne blissfully married; How and when did she met her partner?

Over the past couple of years, life struck a major change at the popular meteorologist Kalee Dionne's life. The biggest change, however, happened at Dionne's and her husband's home.

From shifting to Texas from hometown Chicago to adopting a baby girl, life has been positively somewhat blissful for Kalee Dionne and the love of her life, Jonathan Pair whom she has been married for a long time.

Kalee Dionne's Struggle With Infertility

The former WSIU-TV anchor, Kalee Dionne and her husband, Jonathan Pair have been blissfully married for numerous years, as of 2019. Both Dionne and Pair prefer to keep their relationship and marriage details closer to the vest, but that really doesn't matter when you look at how content they have been for all these times. Dionne and Pair, however, united as a husband and wife in 2013. Their wedding took place in the presence of their close friends and family pretty intimately.

Kalee Dionne and her husband, Jonathan Pair married in 2013. SOURCE: Kalee Dionne Instagram

And, the only struggle, the love birds ever had to face was when they learned the heartbreaking news that Kalee could never bear a child in her womb. And, to find solutions, Kalee and Jonathan tried out all the resources available including (Intrauterine Insemination) and IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) so that they could start their own family.

Unfortunately, luck wasn't in their favor and all of the attempts miserably failed. As a matter of fact, after her eggs were infertile, Kalee's doctor even suggested the Pairs get a donor. The idea, however, didn't impress the couple.

But, as they say, when there's a will, there's also a way, the Herscher High School alum decided to adopt, something her partner happily agreed to. Luckily enough, Kalee was already friends with a couple from Kansas who worked as saints at a foster program.

Yes, the couple indeed came to the rescue and helped the Pairs on the child adoption procedure.

Dionne Announces The Adoption Of A Babygirl

On 18th December 2018, Kalee who graduated from Mississippi State University and Southern Illinois University took to announce the happiest news of her life on Instagram, the adoption of her daughter, Mila Pair who was welcomed by her biological mother in November.

Kalee Dionne pictured with her husband Jonathan Pair and daughter Mila Pair. SOURCE: Kalee Dionne Instagram

According to the post, Dionne's fans also learned that adoption agency St. Mary was a big help on introducing the happy child to the couple's world. Soon after the announcement, Congratulations were in order for Dionne from her family, friends, and colleagues. And, within the next week, Dionne and Pair along with their young daughter moved to Texas.

Besides, Dionne and her husband has also collaborated with a clothing line called Polki Dotti where Mila sits at the position of Brand Ambassador. Not to mention, fans can also follow up on the whereabouts of Mila on her Instagram account monitored by her parents, of course.

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