Home Article MTV's Street Outlaws star Kye Kelley, after Divorcing first Wife Alisa Mote is Dating someone. Find out Details About Their Affairs Here

MTV's Street Outlaws star Kye Kelley, after Divorcing first Wife Alisa Mote is Dating someone. Find out Details About Their Affairs Here

Updated On 14 Aug, 2017 Published On 13 Aug, 2017
MTV's Street Outlaws star Kye Kelley, after Divorcing first Wife Alisa Mote is Dating someone. Find out Details About Their Affairs Here

MTV's Street Outlaws star, Kye Kelly is dating currently his fellow, Lizzy Musi after his divorce with his ex-wife, Alisa Mote.

One of the unbeatable car racers in the country, Kye Kelly has a huge fan following especially girls who are crazy for him.

On the other hand, after divorcing his first wife Alisa Mote, Kye is dating the fellow car racer. To know about his first wife and current girlfriend, stay with us!!!!!!!!                           

Kye is not single: dating a fellow driver, Lizzy Musi

Kye is currently dating her fellow car race driver named, Lizzy Musi who is the daughter of the popular engine builder called, Pat Musi after divorcing the first partner. The couple announced their relationship by posting on their Facebook pages.

The couple is deeply in love with each other as she was there all the time when Kelley was suffered from a herniated disc. The pair is always helpful for each other in any conditions. 

The duo having some quality time together!!!!

Announcement of their relationship, Source: Starcasm

Apart from their love, there was also rumored that Kelley is losing some interest on Musi however, they had not confirmed this yet and is together till today. So, it might be just a buzz in the town and nothing more than that.

Hope the couple would marry soon in the future and hope to see them together as a husband and wife. 

Divorce with his first wife, Alisa Mote

Before dating the fellow mate, Musi, he was married to his long time girlfriend named, Alisa Mote who has managed to keep herself far from the limelight and media.

The couple got separated after the short period of their marriage. Currently, Kye is not single and has moved on whereas her ex-spouse is keeping herself far from the limelight is single in the present days.

Kye has two children

Kye is a father of two children but one of the kids is from his ex-wife, Alisa. One of his children is from his previous relationship; with a mystery partner. 

He somehow manages to keep the relation and the baby from the media and even today only least of the people are familiar with his past.

Alisa with her daughter, Source: Starcasm

So, he has two children one from his past mysterious girlfriend and another from his ex-wife, Alisa who was born soon after the months of their marriage and named her as, Kenadeigh Alexa Kelly.

Currently, the baby is living with her mom and they go in several places and are rarely spotted by the medias.

Quick Facts about Kye Kelley


Kye in the final of Street Outlaws, Source: Starcasm
  • Born on 19th May 1987 in Mississippi.
  • Has an interest in cars and racing since his childhood.
  • From the age of 14, started racing.
  • Graduated high school but with a partial scholarship.
  • While he was in college, started working in the oil fields.
  • Engaged with the racing fantasies called, Murder Nova and Big Chef.
  • Began racing from dirt bikes and shifted to the faster cars and today he is one of an unbeatable car racer.
  • Has two children, one from the ex-wife, Alisa and other from a mysterious past girlfriend.
  • Currently working for Street Outlaws as a car race driver.
  • Won the races including cash price of $16,000 at the Texas Cash Days, $16,000 in New Orleans and $6,000 in the Oklahoma race.
  • Appeared in the show on the Discovery Channel named, Street Outlaws.

Quick facts about Lizzy Musi

  • Popular as a drag racer.
  • She is a daughter of the famous drag racer Pat Musi and has followed her father's footstep.
  • She started her proper career from the first Pro Nitrous victory at the Professional Drag Racers Association U.S.
  • During her debut year 2014, she became the first woman to break 200 MPH IN eight-mile Pro Mod Racing.
  • She is also the first woman ever to win the Pro Modified Drag Racing division.
  • With her growing career in the racing track she also immensely got popular on the social media with nearly 38k and counting followers on Instagram.
  • Currently, she is dating fellow racer, Kye Kelley.

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