Home Article Multi-Talented American Personality Sonja Morgan Has a Daughter With Her Ex-Husband John Adams Morgan; Know About Her Affairs and Rumors

Multi-Talented American Personality Sonja Morgan Has a Daughter With Her Ex-Husband John Adams Morgan; Know About Her Affairs and Rumors

Published On 30 Jan, 2019
Multi-Talented American Personality Sonja Morgan Has a Daughter With Her Ex-Husband John Adams Morgan; Know About Her Affairs and Rumors

Know about the current relationship status of Sonja Morgan, one of the leading ladies from the show The Real Housewives of New York City. Also know about her affairs, controversies and many more.

Sonja Morgan is known for amusing The Real Housewives of New York City fans with anecdotes about her fabulous life and the fabulous men with whom she's done fabulous things. She attended countless parties around the world hanging out with some of the stars on the planet.

Long before Sonja became a household name from her TV appearances, she was a shaker and mover among New York City celebs and international jet-setters. So read how she managed her journey from there to be one of the faces in the Housewives' world.  Know if she was already married and whether had children before starting to bet herself in the relationship gambling show.

Sonja Morgan Current Relationship status

Stepping beyond the norm of one guy at a time Sonja recently seemed to be expertly balancing two lovers: the young hotelier, "Frenchie" (née Edgar) who moved in with her and soon  began redecorating the townhouse, and Rocco, quite older than Sonja of whose  romance with her was a little mellower, but who Rosa insisted was playing the "long game." 

From the looks of the Season 10 openings, of the real housewives, it appears as though Rocco was the one who finally wore down Sonjo? But it’s the Real Housewives World, and being said that, are Sonja and Rocco still together?

Sonja Morgan with Frenchie

A little Instagram from Sonja and a backlog of couple of stories from the show itself might shed some light on this.

Back in August 2017, Sonja praised Rocco in a tweet for "serving it up, regardless of Frenchie,". And in the Season 10 premiere, Sonja confirmed that Frenchie was out. It seemed like the pair split up largely because Frenchie was spending a lot of time in Paris.

And so came Rocco, who was waiting in the wings from the very beginning. The first sightings of the two as a pair was at fellow show member, Dorinda's Halloween party. At which Sonja made it clear that Rocco already moved into the main squeeze position in her life. And this was in October of 2017. So how have they been since?

Sonja Morgan with Rocco
SOURCE: Dailymail

In the month of March 2018, Rocco however somewhat contrasted his togetherness with Sonja in an interview with Page Six. And according to Rocco,  he was instead dating other women, in spite of the fact that he was doting on Sonja. And the reason behind this unusual approach of Rocco was nothing but the frequent apathy from  Sonja towards him.

 "I have been out and about all summer long in the Hamptons with models and beauty queens,"

Rocco explained.

 "I am a southern Italian — we wait for no one except our mothers."

So it sounds like Sonja was only looking for ‘what if’ on hand during the times when Frenchie was in France. Nevertheless, it turned out she got to enjoy her primary relationship with him while it lasted. Meanwhile, Rocco also had the benefit of ‘no strings attached’ while making time for Sonja.

Subsequently, the last time Sonja mentioned Rocco from her side was on January of the following year, when the duo attended The Friars Club together.

Rooco on Sonja's Instagram

So, it might not have been overtly romantic, but Sonja relationship with Rocco seemed always more affectionate than anything. Furthermore, it also hints strongly enough at the fact that the pair were quite cozy at least for those time.

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As Season 10 of the Real Housewives kicked off, Sonja came back reporting she felt happy and like herself again. As for where her romantic life will take her with the current season, it's still anyone’s guesses. Given its hard to imagine Sonja settling down with one person, she will always be someone who enjoys a little affection and intimacy with her frequent non-physical relationships and actually there's nothing wrong with that, too.

Sonja Morgan Past Affairs

Sonja Morgan is known for amusing The Real Housewives of New York City fans with anecdotes about her fabulous life and the fabulous men with whom she's done fabulous things. She attended countless parties around the world hanging out with some of the stars on the planet. 

Sonja Morgan
SOURCE: All About The Tea

With her milieu following dating as rather a game than just a matter of time, it’s really hard to substantiate at what time she is going out with whom. In fact her dating history detours from Hollywood A-listers to even some names from the politics. Some of them including from the likes of Owen Wilson, Jack Nicholson, David Copperfield to even Prince of Monaco and the beloved president, Donal Trump. Though for some of these names, Sonja came up with a straight no while for most she left somewhat boasting hints of yesses.

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Nonetheless, as for the current season of the Real Housewives, Sonja seems quite single. However, whether this is just a made for TV set up from the writing members or is Sonja really done with the dating games, its completely up to revelation yet to come from The Real Housewives season 10.

But, for the time being, we are still going to intrigue you with the adventurous love journey of Sonja Morgan.

We all know about Sonja Morgan’s famous married life with John Morgan. Though the validation as to when and where the soon-to-be pair initially met remains a very much mystery to this day. But as per various gossips, it later came out that Sonja and John first met in New York at an Italian restaurant called San Pietro. At the time, Sonja was working as a hostess in the same restaurant.

The Olympic Champion and the gorgeous waitress soon began to get along and eventually started dating, too. And, after dating for a couple of years, Sonja Morgan finally tied the knot with John in the year 1998. Given their age difference of is 33 years( Sonja being younger than John), many people were sure from the beginning that the marriage was nothing but only a scam and that the bond wouldn't even last for a year. On the contrary, the couple instead went on to remain together for almost a decade and even shared a daughter of their own named, Quincy Adams Morgan. And with that, the couple for a while were falsifying all those allegations they were receiving from the day of their wedding.

Sonja Morgan with John and Quincy
SOURCE: Starcasm

Unfortunately, the streak broke and eight years after their big day, the once lovebirds ultimately got divorced in 2006.

Nobody knows the reason as to why the pair parted their ways. Yet, rumors and tabloids came up with their own theories. And the most common among them rather blamed Sonja herself. Apparently, when Sonja was in one of her trip to the south of France, it was reported that she was allegedly seen with other men. And later even John hinted about his wife's infidelity being the sheer reason behind the marriage downfall. (Though he never publicly gushed about it). Yet, still another accusation shifted the blame towards Sonja again.

Prior to the time of their divorce in 2006, the couple was financing a movie, Fast Flash to Bang Time, with Hannibal Pictures that was supposed to star John Travolta through Sonja's company Sonja Productions. It later came that Sonja never paid the promised money to back the film, and consequently she was called for the trial where she lost a $7 million lawsuit. But as per Sonja, she instead claimed that her backing out of the project was because of the divorce papers served to her. 

Sonja then went on to create further controversy that instead blamed John for not paying her $3 million as per the divorce settlement. Contrasting the story, John instead pleaded that he was continuously sending her around $300 thousands for the support of their child.

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Well, whoever the victim was, Sonja as for herself didn't wander much long around John's after the divorce(or at least after the settlement feuds). After divorcing John, Sonja Morgan started dating a British businessman and a Dukedom of Northumberland, Dominik Percy. And this time it was Percy who was twice as young as Sonja. Though Sonja seemed very happy with Percy and didn't even hesitate to go out in public with him.

Sonja Morgan with Dominik Percy
SOURCE: Daily Mail

Unfortunately, to those who thought that Sonja’s guy was it, heartbreak again followed to both them and Sonja herself.

Whether, Sonja is too deep in the spell of promiscuity or she really is the one who just don’t like to negotiate, one thing for sure: most guys with whom she goes for eventually turns out to be ‘come at eleven, leave at seven’.(If not all)

Quick Facts: Sonja Morgan

  • Sonja Morgan was born on November 25, 1963, in Albany, New York, United States.
  • Sonja attended Fashion Institute of Technology.
  • Sonja stands at 1.7 m in height.
  • Sonja estimated net worth is around $8 million.

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