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New Zealand Actor Sam Neill's Married Twice And Currently Dating Someone At Present; Details On His Past Affairs

Updated On 01 Jun, 2018 Published On 01 Jun, 2018
New Zealand Actor Sam Neill's Married Twice And Currently Dating Someone At Present; Details On His Past Affairs

New Zealand actor Sam Neill is currently dating journalist Laura Tingle. He was in marital relationship twice with actress Lisa Harrow and make-up artist Noriko Watanabe. He father three children; including son Andrew who he gave for adoption.

New Zealand actor Sam Neill is the mainstay in Hollywood for decades with his critically acclaimed and much-loved performances in movies and TV shows like Jurassic Park, The Piano, Dead Calm, Sweet Country, Little Fish, etc. During the initial days of his movie career, an actor was considered a ladies' man and charmed many women.

After divorcing his two wives, the actor is in media limelight for his love affair with the Australian journalist. Wanna know the details of his married life, relationship, and children? Without further ado, continue reading to know those details.

Is Sam Neill Currently Dating Anyone? 

Critically acclaimed and commercially successful actor Sam Neill has been the mainstay of Hollywood for over four decades. He is well-known as Dr.Alan Grant in Jurassic Park trilogy. During his career, Neill has acted in over 80 films and 40 TV series.

Sam Neill as Dr. Alan in Jurassic Park

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The 70 years old handsome actor is currently dating Australian journalist Laura Tingle. Tingle is a political reporter, editor, and commentator based in Australia.

Australian Journalist Laura is dating Sam Neill

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As per the report, Neill started dating Laura, after splitting from his second wife Noriko Watanabe in early 2018. Not much detail has been known about how and when they met each other, but it is estimated that their mutual friend was a catalyst for their first face to face meeting.

Before that, the pair flirted with each other in their social media. Also, it is known that they were regularly interacting with each other and actively tagged each other. 

As per the report, the lovebirds seem to be in a 'serious relationship' with each other.

In March, Neill mentioned in his twitter that he wasn't allowed to attend Malcolm Turnbull's victory party after the election win. And, Laura responded by saying 'Evidence suggests they have a thing about talent' in a comment. 

In April, when SBS host Julia Zemiro joked about casting Neill and Tingle in Thunderbirds remake, Tingle gave her nod. And two months earlier, Tingle confessed that she “loved” the episode in which she interviewed 70-year-old Neill. In her Twitter exchange with one of her fans, she replied they were only human; in answer to the query about their desperate romantic relationship.

Sam Neill's Previous Marriages and Relationship Details 

Before he started dating Laura Tingle, Sam Neill was in marital relationship with make-up artist Noriko Watanabe. Neill was married to Watanabe for 29 years until he split up with her in early 2018. 

Sam Neill and Noriko Watanabe gets candid during a photoshoot

Sam Neill and Noriko Watanabe met each other for the first time during the shooting of Dead Calm in 1988. Neill gave his heart to Noriko and was infatuated with her charm and beauty. He relentlessly pursued her to confess his love for her. After much deliberation, Noriko gave in to his dogged persistence and agreed to date him.

After a slow start to their relationship, the couple tied the knot on September 2, 1989; after dating for one year. The couple stayed strong and together for 29 years and raised their daughter Elena and stepdaughter Maiko Spencer (from Noriko's first marriage) together. Maiko is a rhythm and blues singer, based in London, the UK.

Sam Neil and Noriko pose for the photograph during an event
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Sam and Noriko were very much in love. They supported each other during good and harsh times. In an interview with Daily Mail in 2013, he claimed that;

"I always knew that when I met the right woman that would be it."

Not much detail has been revealed about whether Sam and Noriko have finalized their divorce or not. But, it is speculated they have separated and have chosen their own paths ahead.

Sam Neill and Lisa Harrow in the archive photo
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Before Neill fell in love and married Noriko, he met actress Lisa Harrow on the set of the third installment of Omen film titled The Final Conflict. The pair didn't fall in love in their first meeting but bonded well during the filming schedule. By the time, filming was concluded, they were inseparable and madly in love with each other. 

Their bond deepened with each passing days and their love towards one other had no limit.

Sam Neil and Lisa Harrow in Esquire photoshoot
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After dating sometimes, Neill and Harrow got married in 1978. Not much detail has been known about their married life together. They became a parent of a young son named Tim Neil. Due to unspecified reason, they divorced in 1989. 

Talking about affairs, Sam Neill had a brief fling with a mysterious woman. In 2016, Neill was photographed by paparazzi sharing a deep passionate kiss with an unidentified woman in Brisbane.


Sam Neill was spotted kissing an unidentified woman 
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Two magazines offered conflicting reports about the woman kissed by Neill in Brisbane.

Woman's Day claimed the 'mystery' brunette is Byron Bay business owner Miranda Cummings. Another magazine, New Idea, claimed the woman was Australian actress Rachel Blake. 

Sam Neill: Quick Facts 

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  • Born as Nigel John John Dermot Neil to father Dermot Neill and mother Priscilla Neill on September 14, 1947.
  • He was born in Omagh, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland.
  • His father was an army officer and his mother was a housewife.
  • His father's family owned Neill and Co., the largest liquor retailers in New Zealand.
  • He received British nationality but identifies himself as New Zealander.
  • In 1954, his family moved to New Zealand from Ireland.
  • Attended the Anglican boys' boarding school in Christ's College, Christchurch.
  • Studied English literature at the University of Canterbury, where he got first taste of acting.
  • Has worked in over 120 movies and TV projects; and counting.
  • His notable performances include roles in The Piano, Peaky Blinders, Jurassic Park, Dead Calm, etc.
  • He fathered a son named Andrew in his 20s and gave him for adoption.
  • He came up with his name 'Sam' in school; as there were many students named Nigel there; which later became his identity.
  • He graduated with a BA in English literature from the Victoria University, Wellington.
  • His acting debut came in 1977 with New Zealand film Sleeping Dogs.
  • He worked as a director for New Zealand film unit, before being cast in movies.
  • His first international film debut came in 1980 film Omen III:- The Final Conflict.
  • He auditioned to perform as James Bond but lost the role to Timothy Dalton.
  • His performance as Michael Chamberlain in the Australian film “A Cry in the Dark" earned him an Australian Film Institute Award for Best Actor in a Lead Role in 1988.
  • In 1991, he was appointed Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) for his services to acting.
  • In 1993, Neill established a wine producing company, Two Paddocks, based in Central Otago, New Zealand.
  • Received Honorary Doctorate from the University of Canterbury in 2002.
  • His net worth is estimated to be around $18 million.

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