Home Article Are News presenter Sally Bundock and her husband Paul Bundock getting a divorce?

Are News presenter Sally Bundock and her husband Paul Bundock getting a divorce?

Updated On 06 Jan, 2017 Published On 06 Jan, 2017
Are News presenter Sally Bundock and her husband Paul Bundock getting a divorce?

Sally Bundock, originally sally Jackson is BBC news journalist who is widely known as the short hair co host Sally. Her husband Paul Bundock is in the field of journalism and production.

Sally Bundock is popular for her short hair cut and a witty personality. She is a BBC news presenter and a show host. She married Paul Bundock who is a freelance video director and producer of TV shows in 1999.  

Both are happily married since then although there have been rumors swirling in news for a brief period that the both wants to part their way. Let's know what is the real news behind the rumors, shall we? 

About their marriage      

After years of a romantic love affair between the two, they finally got married in late 1990. The grand wedding was held in Market Harborough.

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There were speculations of extra-marital affairs of one of the spouse but that was obviously a rumor and both cleared the air in media. In my point of

In our point of view, they both are perfect for each other as they are aware of their work style very well.

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The two are rejoicing their conjugal life by taking short vacations and reminiscing their dating years whenever possible.

Know about their Children

According to the sources, they have three beautiful children and all of them are boys. Their first child was reportedly born in 2005.

Seems both are pretty reserved about their personal life. Both of them are equally satisfied in their professional as well as their personal life.

Sally and husband Paul Bundock's professional life

The magnificently talented Sally Bundock is a British news presenter in BBC. The award winning financial journalist originally started her career in journalism mid-1990s while working for Bloomberg.

In 2002 she joined World Business Report.

During her early career path, she already managed to cover vital news in World Economy Forum and G7 conferences.

Then in the year 2008, she finally joined BBC news. She accomplished an undergraduate degree in public administration at the Polytechnic of Whales and then moved to London to acquire her postgraduate diploma in journalism at City University.

Here is a video of Sally presenting early morning news in BBC


Her husband Paul Bundock has over 20 years of experience in broadcast and post production editing. He has documented several shots films, promos, corporate video and series over the past two decades.

Paul is a well-known name in the production field. Mainly he is a freelance video editor. Well talking about sally, apart from being a news presenter she has a personal life which is so much different than her professional life.


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She has her children and husband to look after and a lot of household chores to do daily. F

However, rumors of them getting divorced were in the air a few years back leaving everybody astonished. But the both intellectual cleared the entire allegation regarding divorce.

They even express their disgust about the rumors stating it as “pathetic and ridiculous”. Well! we are happy to see both of them investing their most of the time making their children better people.  

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