Home Article Olwen Kelly Is Officially Off The Market-Who is The Actress Boyfriend?

Olwen Kelly Is Officially Off The Market-Who is The Actress Boyfriend?

Published On 15 Dec, 2019
Olwen Kelly Is Officially Off The Market-Who is The Actress Boyfriend?

The badass Irish model and actress Olwen Kelly is happily taken once again. It looks as if 2019 was the year of not just tasting the success of her career but a year of romance and falling in love all over again too.

As a matter of fact, the stunning actress isn't even shy of showing off her handsome man on social media to her fans. But, who is the lucky man that was fortunate enough to make Olwen his?

Olwen Kelly Is In Love

The Dublin born and bred actress, Olwen Kelly has found love again and this time it's in a man who goes by the name Sam Brown. As for Sam, he is a lawyer professionally. But how a lawyer got into the life of a gorgeous actress as Kelly is kept a secret to date.

Irish actress Olwen Kelly is dating boyfriend Sam Brown. SOURCE: Sam Brown Instagram

Kelly, first publicly announced the happy news of her newfound love earlier this year in 2019 with an interviewer for Independent where she mentioned she resides with Brown in a house in London. Olwen also often shares selfies with her man on social media.

The first time, Kelly showed some love for her beau was in June by sharing a selfie where the two looks equally chic. Whilst the brunette beauty looked beautiful in a white ensemble, her boyfriend looked dapper in a white suit and pants.

Bonded Through Common Interests

It seems like the one thing that drew Olwen and Sam closer was the common love for animals and traveling. The model and her boyfriend share two dogs, specifically a bulldog named Digby and a poodle named Noodle. FYI, the actress even runs an account dedicated to her dog on Instagram whose username is called Noodlethehalfpoodle.

Olwen Kelly alongside her boyfriend Sam Brown and their dogs. SOURCE: Olwen Kelly Instagram

In the meantime, although the love birds only started dating this year, it looks like the couple might last a lifetime. After all, they look head over hills in love. And, it's what Kelly deserves, init? A man who won't love her for her actress status or popularity but for her personality too. Someone who will love her wholly from the gap between her front teeth to her cute frickles to her reckless nature.

On the other side, this is not the only publicly known relationship of Kelly as she was previously linked with her former boyfriend named Sonny Paris who keeps much of his identity a mystery.

Kelly Dated Paris For Two Years

The rising Irish model actually shared a long term relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Sonny Paris that lasted for two years. Olwen even shared a picture with Sonny on her Instagram which is still not deleted and can be found on her Instagram, as of Dec 2019.

Olwen Kelly pictured with her former boyfriend, Sonny Paris. SOURCE: Olwen Kelly Instagram

As for her past relationship, Kelly once opened up about claiming she met Sonny at a live and karaoke bar called The Dolphine based in Hackney London, a place she never imagined she would meet her boyfriend at.

Olwen, a Science student, who previously worked as a hostess, did a parttime job for H&M and even at Hamleys as a Christmas elf, is, today, best known for her appearance in notable Irish films such as The Autopsy of Jane Doe, Darkness on the Edge of  Town and Winter Ridge.

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