Ryan Lochte is a popular name in American sports industry, famous for winning a gold medal, six times in a row in competitive swimming. He's truly the nation's gem and has made America more proud than ever.

His exceptional and extraordinary swimming talent has made him a world-renowned swimmer which ranks him second in swimming behind Michael Phelps.

He is a full package with gorgeous swimmer body and those model like charming looks. Most of you might wonder whether this world record holder, has whether or not drown deep in love.

Well, he has in fact drowned in love with his gorgeous girlfriend, Kayla Reid and the couple is even expecting a child together! The couple might soon get married too! Exciting, isn't it?           

Ryan Lochte has been dating model Kayla Rae Reid: Announced girlfriend's pregnancy in Instagram

The World Swimmer of the Year Award winner, Ryan, and hot PlayBoy model Kayla Rae Reid started their affair back in 2015.

Ryan Lochte with fiance, Kayla, Source: Daily News

The couple was secretly dating until in the summer of 2016, Ryan announced that he and Kayla were together in a relationship.

Ryan kissing fiance Kayla on their engagement day, Source: Daily Mail

After the few months, the couple made the wonderful announcement of them being engaged!

Ryan took this information to his Instagram and posted a photo of them kissing passionately with his girlfriend flaunting a huge rock on her finger.


Memories forever!!! #thelochtes #LA

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After nine months of dating, the swimmer finally popped the question to the sexy model.

TMZ reports that he had booked a $700 helicopter tour to Malibu Canyon and proposed her while watching the sunset and sipping champagne.

How romantic!

The pair got official on October 19, 2015, and are living happily ever since.

This news was not even off the headlines yet the couple dropped another bomb on to the media, announcing that they were expecting their first child.

Kayle posted this beautiful picture of Ryan kissing the belly of the beautiful model under water!! News Splash to all of us.

The beau of Ryan even captioned the photo stating:

"Just when you think you think you have it all figured out, life always surprises you with blessings when least expect it. So excited to share this news with all of you!"

Also, the 29-year-old swimmer posted similar picture with fiancee' under water in his official page which became a headline grabber on the media.

Well, now the couple has also revealed that they are expecting an adorable baby boy together. Kayla is due in August 2017.

Recently, on Saturday last week, Ryan and Kayla were spotted taking a walk with their two dogs in Studio City, California. Kayla was walking with her baby bump holding hands with fiance Ryan.

Kayla was walking with her baby bump holding hands with fiance Ryan.

Ryan with beau Kayla Rae, taking a stroll, Source: Daily Mail

Well, we are eagerly waiting for the Jr. Ryan to be born. For updates, keep following our page.

Ryan was rumored to be dating Australian medly swimmer Blair Evans

Well if this was true then, you'd be looking at the swimming league's power-house couple. Back in 2012, Ryan and Blair were rumored to be a 'thing' together.

Back in 2012, Ryan and Blair were rumored to be a 'thing' together.

Sources reported that, although they were a tough competitors together, the pair were spotted being flirty in water, stopping along the pool, smiling and laughing at the end of each lap.

Ryan Lochte and Blair Evans, Source: Yahoo Sports

Not only that, even after the practice, Lochte stopped to chat with the 25-year old swimmer and they talked for several minutes, both looking completely into eachother.

Although this scenario, grabbed a lot of attention, neither of the swimmers confirmed anything about the ongoing rumors. 

However, Lochte's mother, later in July, 2012 adressed the rumors stating,

My son is too busy to be in relationship.

Also, Ryan himself revealed his relatinoship status to the media quoting,

'My last Olympics, I had a girlfriend - big mistake, 'Now I'm single, so London should be really good.''

Son, now we know that those were all just baseless rumors that time. 

As for now, Ryan is very happy with his new love and fiance, Kayla as they are starting a family together. 

We all are really excited for this wonderful couple and wish them the lifetime of happiness.