After his resignation from Breitbart News, with accusations of him supporting pedophilia, back in February 2017,  the 32-year-old self-described alt-right provocateur and political commentator, Milo Yiannopoulus is back in the spotlight making headlines.

The controversial journalist and alleged Trump advisor, Milo announced publicly that he's published his first book, his autobiography by his own publishing company, Dangerous Books that has turned out to be best-selling political humor.

And now, as he sliding down on everyone's lips and gaining quite a spotlight, people want to know all the details about this scandalous reporter.

Also, rumors have that the gay reporter is dating a mystery boyfriend whose details has not yet been revealed. Let's find out everything about the gay journalist in today's section.                     

Openly Gay Political Commentator Milo Yiannopoulos is Dating his mystery Boyfriend. Find out all the details here

On his official blog, entitled, "I'm Soo Bored of Being Gay, he confessed that he was more sexually attracted to black people than Americans and compared himself as "bratty young white girls" who are famous as coal-burners as they protested against their family by sleeping with African-Americans".


Milo Yiannopoulos, the openly gay political commentator, Source: Pinterest

And as expected, in an interview, Milo confessed that he's dating an African-American and he's having a wonderful time with him. 

He even revealed that he lost his virginity in a fivesome with two boys and two girls, and realized his sexuality after that, stating that he's totally gay.

Milo with his friend Peter, Source: Instagram

Just a few weeks ago, Milo posted a picture of holding hands with his mystery black boyfriend in his Instagram, captioning "Bae". 



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This caused a huge stir in the media and everyone wanted to know who he's dating. The journalist, however, is still keeping his secret romance under the wraps as he's not announced publicly about his partner.

Well, it's about time that he'll confess about who's dating and we hope that this time he doesn't mark another controversy in his list.

Quick Facts about Milo Yiannopoulos

  • Born and raised in Kent, England, Milo Yiannopoulos is a famous English political commentator, media personality, and journalist, associated with political alt-right.
  • He's of mixed descent as his father is half Greek and half Irish while the mother is British.
  • His parents got divorced when he was six years old.
  • Got expelled from Simon Langton Grammar School For Boys due to his notorious behavior.
  • Attended the University of Manchester but dropped out.
  • He's a neo-nazi and speaker for alt-right( a group of people with far-right ideologues who reject mainstream conservatism in favor of white nationalism).
  • started his career in journalism through newspaper The Daily Telegraph.
  • Due to his outspoken and bold comments about everything, he rose to controversy and his debate against same sex marriage was very much criticized.
  • In an interview with Channel 4, he stated that he's a pro-Iraq and pro-Israel.
  • The first journalist to cover the Gamergate controversy.
  • He went on to become the senior editor of Breitbart News and states to be the strong supporter of President Donald Trump.
  • Was permanently banned from Twitter due to his backlash comments that were inciting or engaging in the targeted abuse or harassment of others.
  • Was accused of being the supporter of pedophilia.
  • Has an estimated net worth of $4 million. 

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