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Paul Cerrito and Yasmine Bleeth: An Inside Look at Their Marriage

Updated On 18 Jan, 2024 Published On 03 Sep, 2023
Paul Cerrito and Yasmine Bleeth: An Inside Look at Their Marriage

Paul Cerrito and Yasmine Bleeth are one of the most low-key celebrity couples in Hollywood. They have been married for over 21 years, but they rarely make public appearances or share details about their personal life. However, their love story is anything but ordinary. Here is an inside look at their marriage and how they overcame the challenges that came their way.

Paul Cerrito And Yasmine Bleeth's Married Life!

Prepare to hear all the juicy details about Paul Cerrito and Yasmine Bleeth’s long-lasting marriage! The couple met at a rehab facility in Malibu, where they both battled their addictions. Cerrito, a food consultant and entrepreneur who owned several businesses in the food and beverage industry, and Bleeth, a former Baywatch star and one of People’s 50 Most Beautiful Women, married in 2002 at the luxurious Bacara resort in Santa Barbara.

Yasmine Bleeth with her spouse Paul Cerrito. 

Despite rarely putting the duo's love on display, Yasmine once opened up about their journey, including her battle with drug addiction, for which she was arrested for driving impaired and possessing drugs. She eventually checked herself into rehab where she met her husband Paul Cerrito. She found love with Cerrito, who has been a steady support throughout her ups and downs. See another lovely mate Louis Dawler and Jennifer Esposito's love story.

Nowadays, the love birds prefer a low-key lifestyle as they are not available on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, enjoying walks with their dogs, and celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary in August 2022. They remain childless but content as fur parents to their beloved pooches. Sadly they do not share any kids to date however they may plan their family in the future.

Moreover, the gorgeous woman who's kept a low profile for many years, made a rare public appearance in 2020 after quitting Hollywood for almost two decades. Fans were ecstatic to see her lead an average everyday life and admired her beauty, even at h her mid-50s. 

How Do The Gorgeous Couple Yasmine And Paul Cerrito Balance Their Work And Family?

Oh my gosh, have you heard about The Lake actress and her husband Paul Cerrito? They've been married since 2002 and are just the cutest couple ever! Despite their busy schedules, they've managed to keep their relationship strong. How do they do it, you ask? Welly they make sure to prioritize each other and take time for themselves.

Yasmine Bleeth with her co-star . 

Now, let's talk about the celebrity spouse, Paul. He's an American entrepreneur and strip club owner who is a bit of a bad boy. But he's got a heart of gold when it comes to his wife. And Yasmine? She's a former actress who's still stunning at 54 years old. Can you believe she made her acting debut at just twelve years old?

Here's the juicy part. They met when the leading name was in rehab back in 2000. Talk about a wild way to start a relationship! But they dated for two years and then got hitched. And get this, they haven't had any kids yet. But hey, they seem to be living happily without them.

So how do they make it work lovely pair makes sure to spend quality time together and they also make time for themselves.  Bleeth and her beau both have their businesses and interests, but they prioritize their time so they can enjoy each other's company. The love mates even go on vacations and do things they love together.

Overall, it sounds like Paul and Yasmine have got it all figured out. They make time for what's important and they keep their love alive. I just hope we can all find a love like theirs!

Meet Talented Lady Yasmine Bleeth!

Yasmine Bleeth was born into a family of beauty and brains - her dad, Philip Bleeth, is a business owner, and her mom, Carina Bleeth, was a model. With her good looks and talent, it's no surprise that Yasmine has made a name for herself in Hollywood, raking in a whopping $2 million net worth!

Yasmine Bleeth was a talented actress and model.  

Back in the mid-90s, the mesmerizing artist was one of the hottest women on the planet. She even made it to the coveted FHM's "100 Sexiest Women in the World" list and another list in the US. Her acting career kicked off in 1991 with a role in the soap opera "One Life to Live" as LeeAnn Demerest. But it was her role as Caroline Holden on "Baywatch" that shot her to superstardom, making her a household name.

However the media personality is not just an actress, she's a multi-talented woman! She's also a successful model, having starred in Johnson & Johnson's No More Tears baby shampoo commercial when she was just ten months old. And if that's not enough, she also has a swimwear line called Yaz Wear! Looks like there's no stopping this beauty, she's truly got it all.

Paul Cerrito's Controversy!

Oh my gosh, have you heard about Paul? You know, the guy who's married to the famous Baywatch actress Bleeth? Well, he had made headlines!

It turns out that the star husband's suing Disney for an injury he got while filming a show at his family's home. Can you believe it? He claims he stumbled over some equipment and seriously messed up his back. He's even saying that he's permanently disabled because of it!

But get this - that's not the only lawsuit the entrepreneur is involved in he also fell at a grocery store a few months before the filming incident and is suing them too! He's claiming that they should have warned him about a puddle of water and taken care of it before he fell.

Also, we don't even know how much money this guy has! But his wife, Yasmin, apparently has a net worth of $2 million.

All in all, it looks like Paul is in for a big legal battle. He's alleging negligence and premises liability against both Disney and the grocery store. He's even claiming that the fall at his home exacerbated his previous injuries and caused "new and debilitating injuries." I wonder how this is all going to turn out.

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