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Plastic Surgery Truth Of Haley Cureton; Also Know Her Boyfriend

Updated On 20 Jul, 2020 Published On 19 Jul, 2020
Plastic Surgery Truth Of Haley Cureton; Also Know Her Boyfriend

Haley Cureton has everything a lot of girls dream of. A perfect slim physique, beautiful smile, gorgeous hair, and whatnot. But, is plastic surgery the secret behind Cureton's beauty?

What Does Haley Cureton Say On Plastic Surgery?

Big props to Haley Cureton who rose to fame for her participation on the reality dating show, Too Hot To Handle, for keeping it real like she always does. Yup, the Flo Rida born aspiring TV personality has been pretty upfront about a lot of things including her stances on plastic surgery too.

Did Haley Cureton undergo plastic surgeries? SOURCE: Haley Cureton Instagram

But, has Haley undergone any plastic surgery or cosmetic procedure to achieve the looks she glamorously flaunts? To get straight to the point, the answer is yes. Haley has indeed undergone certain procedures along with admitting to wanting to fix her nose too.

Cureton currently hasn't undergone any nose job yet. But, then looking at her facial structure, one will definitely agree that she doesn't need one. Or, does she? If you ask us, we don't think she does.

Haley Cureton flaunts her injected lips. SOURCE: Haley Cureton's Facebook

FYI, Cureton wanted to get her nose job with the winner's money from the reality show. Unfortunately, she got eliminated. The alumni of the University of North Florida, however, hasn't spoken a word on the speculation of undergoing breast augmentation procedure. 

Some of the fans assume Cureton must have undergone breast augmentation surgery to enlarge the size of her bust. The doubts surfaced after fans noticed the size of her being breast big enough to naturally fit her small waist.

Other than that, Cureton also chose to stay vocal about getting lip fillers to enlarge the size of her lips which is very apparent on her pictures with all those pouts. In addition, see also got hips injection, and made a video about it on her YouTube channel.

Know More About Haley Cureton

Before rising to fame from Too Handle To Handle which is available on Netflix, Haley Cureton was a student in Florida. Thanks to the show, now based in Los Angeles, Cureton became an overnight sensation and influencer with more than half a million followers on her Instagram account.

Cureton who celebrates her birthday on 17th March is 22 years old, as of 2020. She hugely spent her childhood in Jacksonville, Florida where she was raised by her mother Natasha Cureton and father Joseph Cureton, a cybercrime officer.

Haley Cureton and her boyfriend Colton Snowden partying in Florida. SOURCE: Colton Snowden's Instagram

The blonde beauty who is naturally a brunette is also a taken woman by her handsome boyfriend. Well, Cureton is dating her sweetheart Colton Snowden who is also a graduate of the University of North Florida. The love birds met through mutual friends.

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