Marlon Brando is known for his attractive looks and his intense performing style in classic movies including The Wild One and On The Waterfront. Regardless of his successful professional career, he confessed that he was a 'beast' who had 'women coming in the door, going out the window'. One of his most noted affairs was with actress Rita Moreno. During a recent interview, she revealed details about her affair with the late star.

Brando, the two-time Oscar-winning star died at Los Angeles hospital due to respiratory failure. Wanna know facts about his death, affairs, and kids? Let's jump right into it.

Marlon Brando Married Three Times; Had Affair With Most Of Old Hollywood Stars

You can simply make a small library with all the details of Marlon Brando's sex life. No doubt, the star was known as a womanizer who has innumerable affairs with women and occasionally men as well.

Previously, he acknowledged his bisexuality and stated,

"Like a large number of men, I, too, has had homosexual experiences, and I am not ashamed."

In the 90-minute movie, Listen To Me Marlon made from 200 hours of Brando's personal tapes, he stated that his sex drive was so high that he was like a 'beast'.

Marlon Brando with his first wife Anna Kashfi
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He married his first wife, actress Anna Kashil in 1957. The couple welcomed a child together named Christian Devi Brando on 11 May 1958. The couple divorced in 1959.

Christian, a long-time drug abuser died in January 2008 at the age of 49. The cause of his death was stated as double pneumonia but several reports in the US stated that he died due to AIDs.

Christian was very close to his sister Cheyenne. She was pregnant while in a relationship with Drollet at the time when Christian shot him dead. He was imprisoned for 10 years.

Christian Brando died at the age of 49 in the year 2008
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In 1960, he married Mexican-American actress Movita Castaneda in 1960 but the two divorced within two years. The couple welcomed two kids, Rebecca Brando and Miko Castaneda Brando.

He married the third time with Tahitian actress Tarita Teriipaia on 10 August 1962. The couple fell in love on the set of Mutiny on the Bounty. She was just 20 years of age and 18 years Brando's junior at the time she tied the knot.

Marlon Brando pictured with wife Tarita in Mutiny on the Bounty
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She gave birth to two kids named Simon Teihotu Brando in 1963 and Tarita Cheyenne Brando in 1970. Further, Brando adopted her daughter Maimiti Brando (born in 1977) and niece, Raiatua Brando (born in 1982).

His daughter, Cheyenne Brando lived a troublesome life. She lived most of her life in drug rehabilitation centers, mental hospitals due to substance abuse and depression.

When she was on a leave from a mental hospital in 1995, she attempted suicide by hanging herself.

The couple fell apart with an official divorce in July 1972.

Besides his short-lived married lives, he also had a long list if flings and affairs that included Reiko Sato, Marilyn Monroe, Dorothy Kilgallen, Shelley Winters, Pier Angeli, Nancy Kwan, and Katy Jurado.

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Marlon Brando dated Marilyn Monroe in past
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During a 1976 interview, he also admitted his homosexual experiences with a list that reportedly includes Rock Hudson and James Dean.

He had a long-lasting relationship with his housekeeper Maria Cristina Ruiz. He had three kids with Ruiz: Ninna Priscilla Brando born on 13 May 1989, Myles Jonathan Brando born on 16 January 1992 and Timothy Gahan Brando born on 6 January 1994.

He adopted Petra Brando Corval born in 1972. She is the daughter of Brando's assistant Caroline Barrett and novelist James Clavell.

He had adopted few children with a total of 11 kids, still, some sources say that he had closer to 15 kids.

It's almost been 14 years since Brando died but he is still in the memory of his loved ones.

West Side Story actress Rita Moreno who has recently starred on Netflix's One Day at a Time recently revealed details about her past affair with Brando.

In her 2013 memoir, she revealed that she aborted her baby when she became pregnant with his child.

" One time when I found lingerie that was not mine, I just went home devastated, weeping and crying and something wonderful happened the next day."

After breaking up with Brando, she dated Elvis Presley with an intention to make Brando jealous. She said that her husband of 45 years Leonard Gordon who died in 2010, 'was the love of her life' but Brando was 'the lust of her life'.


Brando with Moreno in The Night of the Following Day
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The former couple dated on and off for 8 years that ended in 1961.

She recalled those days during an interview with Wendy Williams. The 86-year-old actress said,

"Brando slayed me good ’cause he was the king of everything. Eeeeeeverything. He was the king of movies. … He was really one of the most sexual men on Earth. It was one of those very tempestuous love affairs. It lasted eight years, on and off, on and off, on and off."

Here's an interview with Rita Moreno on The Wendy Williams show:

She said that she wished to marry the actor but he refused the proposal every single time. She was totally devastated after the split with the late star. It led her to overdose on sleeping pills.

The Oscar Winning Actor Marlon Brando Died At 80

Marlon Brando, the rebellious prodigy, the actor with an electrifying enigma transformed the art of acting skills. He fascinated the public with his intense onscreen presence.

Hollywood's most inscrutable star wowed his fans with amazing roles died at 80 on 1 July 2004. Pulmonary fibrosis with congestive heart failure took his life at the UCLA Medical Center.


Marlon Brando attending an event
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Reportedly, he was also suffering from poor eyesight caused by Type 2 diabetes and liver cancer.

After cremation, his ashes were shared among his childhood friend, actor and comedian Wally Cox, and his friend Sam Gilman. Part of it was scattered in Tahiti and Death Valley.

Marlon Brando: Quick Facts

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  • Born on 3 April 1924 in Omaha, Nebraska to Dorothy Julia and Marlon Brando, Sr.
  • He was of American Nationality; belongs to mixed (English, Irish, German, Dutch, French, Welsh, Scottish) ancestry.
  • He was expelled from the Libertyville High School for riding his motorbike through the corridor.
  • Later, he studied at Shattuck Military Academy.
  • He attended the American Theatre Wing Professional School to pursue the acting career.
  • His Academy Award-winning performances include On the Waterfront and The Godfather.
  •  He received Academy Award nominations for his role in Julius Ceasar, Viva Zapata!, and Sayonara.
  • As per the Guinness Book of World records, he was paid a record $3.7 million and 11.75% of the gross profit for his role in Superman in 1978.
  • He was declared the '100 Most Important People of the Century' in 1999 by Time magazine along with five professional actors including Carlie Chaplin, Lucille Ball, Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe, and Ronald Reagan.
  • He had an estimated net worth of about $100 million.