Home Article Pregnancy does not stop women from achieving their dream, here are top eight mind-blowing things women have done while pregnant

Pregnancy does not stop women from achieving their dream, here are top eight mind-blowing things women have done while pregnant

Updated On 23 Aug, 2017 Published On 21 Aug, 2017
Pregnancy does not stop women from achieving their dream, here are top eight mind-blowing things women have done while pregnant

Pregnancy is a delicate phase of a woman. One should be very sensitive during pregnancy. However, many of them do some mind blowing tasks during the phase.

Pregnancy is amazing and a delicate phase for any women. When we talk about pregnancy, we definitely think to be more careful and take a lot of rest to have a safe pregnancy.

In contrary, there are women who perform some of the craziest activities. Remember there are women who sky dive when pregnant.

It might not be crazy for them but it's not a usual thing for many of us. Some people definitely thought that Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo! won't be able to deal with her duties during her first pregnancy.

It's a matter to consider that women can do many splendid things while pregnant. 

Let's see some of the amazing and unbelievable things women have done while they were pregnant.

8. Served as a politician

McMorris Rodgers is the highest-ranking Republican woman in Congress who served as the Chairman of the House Republican Conference.

McMorris Rodgers with her family, Source: Daily Mail

She gave birth to her first child while serving in Congress. She was still in the House when she became pregnant for the second time in the year 2010.

As per some sources, she was the fifth women who gave birth while her work in the Congress.

7. Faught in a War

British soldier Kayla Donnelly was unaware about her pregnancy when she when she was in Afganistan for seven months.

Soldier Kayla Donnelly serving at war, Source: Daily Mail

She started gaining weight and that was the time she came to know the fact. Fighting in war during pregnancy is definitely not a joke.

Her son Josh McMillan is now at the age of six.

6. Ran a Marathon

Amber Miller of Westchester Illinois ran the 2011 Chicago Marathon before giving birth to her baby daughter.

Amber Miller running for Marathon, Source: The Olympians

According to Amber, her doctor gave her permission to complete the race. She ran the first half of the race and walked the second half, for a total time of 6.5 hours.

5. Climbed Giant Rocks

Aimee Roseborrough was in her eighth month of pregnancy when she climbed whole mountains. She has been climbing the rock for 14 years.

She kept her passion at the peak until she reached 37 weeks in her first pregnancy.

Aimee Roseborrough, Source: Cragmama

Roseborough was not the only lady with such courage. Mom Carrie Cooper performed the same task at 39 weeks of her pregnancy.

4. Swam the English Channel

Regan Schreiber swam the Channel, a distance of thirty miles, at 11 weeks pregnant.

Regan Schreiber, Source: What to Expect

It took her nine hours and thirty minutes to complete the very task.

3. Competed in the Olympics

Nur Suryani Mohamed Taibi was the first woman representing Malasia in the Olympic shooting. She made her Olympic debut in the 10-metre air rifle event in London in 2012. 

Nur Suryani Mohamed Taibi, Source: Kennebec Journal

Her eight months pregnancy surprised many of them present in the event.

2. Flown Commercial Jets

Pilot Stephanie Wallach was selected in the airlines on 12 May 1982. Three days later she discovered she was pregnant.

Pilot Stephanie Wallach, Source: The Seattle Times

She said,

"No one would have hired a pregnant pilot in 1982. Now they do."

Kelvin Finan, executive vice president of operations for Alaska Airlines said that she was a wonderful role model for all pilots and for women.

1. Covered a War

Elizabeth Rubin an American journalist has a personal story being a war correspondent. She opened up about her experiences as a pregnant war correspondent in Afganistan in 2010.

American Journalist Elizabeth Rubin, Source: Jezebel

A number of other women have contributed their best in Irag while pregnant. This proves that when we desire to do something nothing can stop us.


Hat's off to all these women.  

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