Home Article Rapper Bre-Z is in Love: Details of Her Partner Along With Her Past Relationships

Rapper Bre-Z is in Love: Details of Her Partner Along With Her Past Relationships

Updated On 15 Oct, 2023 Published On 04 Jan, 2018
Rapper Bre-Z is in Love: Details of Her Partner Along With Her Past Relationships

Rapper Bre-Z is enjoying a blissful relationship with her partner. Know her present and past romances!

Being in love has this wonderful feeling to it, and when your partner also loves you with everything, it can become all the more beautiful and romantic. 

When American rapper Bre-Z announced that she is in a relationship we never would've guessed her relationship would turn out to be a relationship goal for everyone. Today let's talk more about her relationships and find out who is the lucky guy.

Is Bre-Z Gay? What's Her Sexuality? More About Her Past And Present Relationships!

Bre-Z is famous for her role in the series, Empire but she gained more fame from her age-defying looks. She is in her 30s now and yet someone who doesn't know her will confuse her with a teenager.

Bre started her acting career in her late 20s, but she never thought she would make acting her career as she was enjoying her former profession as a barber. The rapper also didn't think she would find a caring and loving partner.  

Bre and her rumored boyfriend Ray. The pair reportedly went out in 2015.

Bre was reportedly dating Ray Christopher. The couple announced their relationship cryptically. Both of them didn't go out and announced they were in a relationship and called each other boyfriend and girlfriend.

It was different. For this one time, she disclosed how Ray calls him his Dreamgirl. Soon her fans got the gist and both of them started getting shipped as a couple.

The duo never said anything about their relationship, but many easily guessed both of them were head over heels for one another. While it's not known whether Ray and Bre ever dated or not, it's certain that they no longer share any romantic relationship. Bre-Z's relationships prior to her romance with Ray remain discreet and undisclosed.

Bre-Z is Engaged to Her Girlfriend Chris Amore! How's Their Relationship Right Now?

Well, rapper and actress Bre-Z is certainly not a heterosexual and queer woman. Bre who wants to keep her sexuality truth to herself, however, is in a same-sex relationship with girlfriend turned fiancee Chris Amore.

Actress Bre-Z is happily engaged to his girlfriend Chris Amore.  SOURCE: Instagram (brezofficial)

Bre and her partner kept their relationship a secret in the beginning before they finally shared their love with the world. And, in March 2021, Bre finally popped the question to her future wife. Bre and Amore are yet to walk down the aisle but the two are still together and in love.

Bre-Z- Her Role In 'Empire'

Now speaking of an unexpected turn of events, Bre-Z never thought she would become an international icon as she was too busy working in her father's shop as a barber. 

Her father and Grandfather both were barbers so naturally, she followed in their footsteps. But she used to have an interest in rap music too. 



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In 2015, she got the main role in the TV series, Empire. That role helped her to kick-start her career, and it is now at its height. Ironically, she played the role of a female rapper in the series. 

Bre-Z; Quick facts 

  • Born on July 22, 1987, in Philadelphia, PA.
  • She used to work as a barber.
  • She cut the hair of big artists like Akon and Ludacris
  • She is a rapper and released her debut single in 2015.
  • She made her debut in the show Empire in 2015.

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