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Everything About Rebecca Ablack - Canadian Actress Who Plays Padma In Ginny & Georgia

Updated On 21 Mar, 2021 Published On 21 Mar, 2021
Everything About Rebecca Ablack - Canadian Actress Who Plays Padma In Ginny & Georgia

Canadian actress Rebecca Ablack was undoubtedly a suitable candidate for the role of the Padma on Netflix's Ginny & Georgia. And, did you know she is also the real-life sister of Raymond Ablack who played Joe on the show?

Rebecca Ablack & Raymond Ablack Are Siblings

The beautiful Rebecca Ablack is a rising movie actress who deserves more success and prosperity as an artist in the entertainment field. She is young, energetic, beautiful, talented, and full of life.

Rebecca Ablack and her brother Raymond Ablack both acted in Ginny & Georgia. SOURCE: Twitter

Ablack who has worked on some notables TV series and films was recently seen on Ginny & Georgia which premiered on Netflix. Ablack played the role of Padma alongside actor Raymond Ablack who played the character of Joe.

And, Raymond is indeed the actual, offscreen, and biological brother of Rebecca. And, Rebecca's brother who is in his early thirties is an established actor who has already given his best performances on other shows that include Degrassi, Degrassi Goes Hollywood, Acquainted, and Teenagers.

In addition to Raymond, the brother and sister duo also grew up with two more siblings who are Jared Ablack and Cassandra Ablack, the fitness trainer and skater.

What Is Rebecca Ablack's Ethnicity?

Actress Rebecca Ablack is a Canadian by nationality. But, as a POC, she belongs to Indo-Guyanese ethnicity. Her parents/grandparents are believed to have immigrated from Guyana, a country on the North Atlantic coast of South America.

Rebecca Ablack graduated high school in 2018. SOURCE: Instagram

The country is highly inhabited by Indians who were sent to the region as laborers by the British pre and post-world war eras. But, Rebecca and her siblings have spent their lives in Canada and are Canadian citizens.

In addition, Ablack is currently in her twenties and decided to prioritize her future and career in acting. Not to mention, Rebecca studied acting at Cardinal Carter Academy for the arts and graduated from high school in 2018.

Is Rebecca Ablack Dating Anyone?

Rebecca Ablack is enjoying her personal and professional life both to the fullest. With her rise in fame, Ablack has achieved more fans and followings on social media. Not to mention, Ablack has surpassed more than $15 K Instagram followers.

But, Ablack is currently single and seems to have no interest to pursue anyone romantically right now. As a young artist, Ablack has her priority sorted out and it's her movie career.

In addition to Ginny & Georgia, Ablack also acted on Kim's Convenience, The Beacons of Gondor, Let It Snow, Buzzard, Impulse, Hello, and It's Me, Pieces after she debuted with her first onscreen role as the Blind Girl on The Jon Dore Television Show.

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