Home Article Rhonda Dent Is Married With A Daughter - Read About Actress' Beautiful Married Life

Rhonda Dent Is Married With A Daughter - Read About Actress' Beautiful Married Life

Updated On 05 Apr, 2021 Published On 05 Apr, 2021
Rhonda Dent Is Married With A Daughter - Read About Actress' Beautiful Married Life

The beautiful Ronda Dent is not just an actress but also a proud mother and a wife. The Canadian star has been happily married to the love of her life for years. And, here's what you need to know Dent's marriage and children.

Rhonda Dent Married To Husband John Darch

Actress Rhonda Dent has been a part of many movies where she romantically shared onscreen with many co-stars. But, despite her romance in movies and TV series, Dent never encountered moments where she fell in love with her co-actors in movie sets.

Actress Rhonda Dent and her husband John Darch began dating in 2008. SOURCE: Instagram

That's because Dent met found her soulmate outside the movie industry when she met her one and only aka John Darch who is a businessman by profession And, the actress and her husband John have been blissfully together for over twelve years since they began dating in 2008.

In addition to Dent and her husband's fairytale love story, the lovebirds became closer after the discovery of their common passion for photography. And, not long after they got to know each other, Dent and Darch realized they were meant to be for each other.

Rhonda Dent Had A Private Wedding

Interestingly, Ronda Dent only married her long-term boyfriend turned fiance eight years after they had begun their romantic relationship. Following their low-key engagement, Dent and Drach decided to exchange their matrimony vows in July 2014.

Rhonda and her man, in addition, didn't opt for a big and lavish wedding. Instead, the bride and groom organized a super-secretive wedding ceremony which was held at Cammidge House, Boundary Bay, Delta.

Actress Rhonda Dent and her partner John Darch had a private wedding in 2014. SOURCE: Instagram

Moreover, the Dent and Darch had an outdoor ceremony organized by wedding planner Janice Schulte. And, for her big day, Rhonda wore a re-designed Vintage gown she found at a thrift shop where she bought it for $29.

To further style her bridal look, Dent accompanied her gown with a large veil she wore around her shoulder like a shawl. Dent's her childhood friend's father dropped the actress at the venue in a 1940s Mercury car.

Rhonda and John's wedding was officiated by Clarence Ashley as they kissed and exchanged rings surrounded by close family and friends. Their big day, in addition, also had a food truck to serve crepes and vintage tea-party reception for the guests who enjoyed a cake made from natural and fresh ingredients of cocoa and strawberries.

As of now, Dent and her husband have also chosen not to share any pictures and videos from their wedding.

Rhonda Dent & Husband Share A Child

Fast forward today, Rhonda Dent and John Darch have been married for over six years e and share a child they welcomed almost four years ago. Rhonda and her partner are parents have been blissfully raising a daughter named Poppy Darch since 2017.

Actress Rhonda Dent pictured with her daughter Poppy and husband John Darch. SOURCE: Instagram

As a matter of fact, both Rhonda and her daughter share the same birthday month. Not to mention, the Insecticidal actress has been the happiest since she became a mother. 

Fans will get to see tons of adorable pictures of Poppy shared by her mother regularly over the actress's Instagram page. And, Dent's husband also seems to be a great father figure in Poppy's life.

The small family of three currently resides in Canada while Rhonda works in between her homeland and the United States.

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