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Sage Robbins Is Living Happily With Her Husband Tony Robbins, Do They Have Children? Know About Their Relationship

Updated On 03 Dec, 2019 Published On 27 Dec, 2018
Sage Robbins Is Living Happily With Her Husband Tony Robbins, Do They Have Children? Know About Their Relationship

Sage Robbins is one of those people who debuted in show-biz in her late 40s. She has a variety of another profession along with her acting career. Sage enriches the lives of people around her in extraordinary ways and not only that, but she has also made the life of a lot of humans worldwide fulfilling.

According to people, Sage is responsible for the happiness of a lot of people all around the world, let's get to know the real reason why.

Sage Robbins: Current Relationship Status

Sage Robbins is currently married to motivational speaker and author Tony Robbins. Sage tied the knot with him on October 15, 2001, in Fiji after the couple dated for little over a year.

The duo met at one of Tony's seminars in Hawaii in 1999 and they began to date the following year in 2000.

They do not have any children together but Tony has four children from his previous marriage and relationship.

Sage Robbins with her husband Tony Robbins.
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When Tony and Sage began their romantic journey, both of them lovebirds had just gotten out of marriages that didn't see the exit so well but that sure hasn't stopped them from living happily ever after.

As far as the public is concerned, the couple has been happily married for 16 years. Sage follows her significant other around the globe as he educates others about self-help and leadership.

This wasn't Sage's first time walking down the aisle as she was previously married John Lynch in 1982. Sage tied the knot with 30 years old John in 1992 at just a tender age of 19. 

The estranged couple could not work out the marriage and had a fall-out in 2000 after Sage was found smooching Tony.

Sage Robbins's First Husband Sued Tony Robbins for being the reason of their marriage dissolution

Sage's first husband, Lynch threatened to sue Tony stating 'alienation for affection.' But Sage defended the American entrepreneur and said that Tony had nothing to do with the failing of her previous marriage.

John also argued that his split with Sage did not occur until 2000 when she met Tony in Hawaii while she attended Tony's motivational seminars.

Then, on the other hand, Tony also sued Lynch and The Vancouver Sun for defamation.

Tony Robbins also had a marriage that didn't end on good terms. Tony met and fell in love with one of the attendees of his seminar back in 1984 whose name is Rebecca Jenkins. She had previously been married twice with 3 kids, but that didn’t seem to bother the personal coach.

As a matter of fact, he married Rebecca and adopted all her kids. However, after 14 years of marriage, Tony and Jenkins got divorced. In getting divorced and letting go of his willingness to please at all costs, Robbins thinks he opened the doors to fulfilling his true destiny, part of which led him to Sage. 

Tony expresses his love often with posts in social media platforms especially Instagram. He lets his 3.3 million followers get a sneak peek into the blissful married life of the couple.

The couple is quite happy together whilst traveling the world and taking it by the storm when it comes to being a couple.

Tony Robbins gushes about Sage Robbins: The Gift of My Life

Sage and Tony are one of a kind couple who is going stronger than ever in their marriage even after 17 years of togetherness.

Sage is the second wife of Tony Robbins.
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Tony said in one of his interviews,

“If I look at my life and say, What would my life be without Sage? everything else would be dull by comparison. I’m not saying that to blow smoke. This (Sage) is the gift of my life.”

Tony is a better person when he is around Sage and had a positive effect on him which showcased in his professional and personal life as well. Doing humanitarian work or helping people develop, Tony always got encouragement and support from his wife.

She pushed him to set the ever-widening goals each time he achieved what he wanted. This meant that Tony was achieving the best, yet, he was determined to keep ongoing.

Tony was not in a happy place when his previous marriage ended. Tony was in a path of soul-searching. He found his world in the midst of bliss when he found Sage, who had a vision similar to his.

She understood him and helped him get the peace of mind that he for so long desired. Tony more than often gushes about how 'Sage is the perfect partner he could have asked for'.

The marriage provided stability to the motivational speaker and he became the best version of himself which was essential for him to accomplish the big and important goals that he had. The pair highlights that you don’t need a foolproof, well-defined strategy to find someone you love. All you need is a belief system where you don’t limit yourself.

The duo also provided some love advice when asked about their secrets. The power couple maintained that you must not think negatively and never approach relationships with preconceived thoughts as well as doubts.

Don’t be uptight and don’t worry too much. Just go on and hang out with people. You have got nothing to lose. Be your usual self and don’t pretend just to keep a relationship intact.

Quick Facts: Sage Robbins

  • Sage Robbins was born on 5 August 1972.
  • Her age is 46 as of 2019.
  • She was born as Bonnie-Pearl Humphrey in Canada.
  • Along with acting, she also practices phlebotomy, acupuncture, and venipuncture.
  • She is a Canadian citizen.

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