From hardscrabble childhood to renowned TV personality, Sandra Lee is one of the recognizable faces on television. The Daytime Emmy Award winner Lee is also a chef famous for her show, Semi-Homemade Cooking.

The 49-year-old, Sandra Lee has faced lots of ups and downs including a failed marriage and a painful battle with cancer.

Despite all the troubles, Lee is living happily with her boyfriend, Andrew Cuomo who is the Governor of New York.

Sandra Lee and her boyfriend Andrew Cuomo going strong as a pair

Sandra Lee is best known for hosting the Food Network shows Semi-Homemade Cooking.

Sandra Lee and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, Source: Zimbio

Sandra Lee and Andrew Cuomo met back in 2005 at a Hampton cocktail party in New York.  Former Cuomo Aide introduced them at the party, then slowly their relation took off with some dates and soon they fell for each other.

They have been together for decades and still no rumors of their break up and fights have spread out in the media.

Andrew Cuomo and Sandra Lee with former  Former Cuomo Aide, Source: Heavy

Andrew Cuomo is a  very supportive boyfriend as, during the worse time of Sandra, Cuomo was side by side with her. In 2015 when Sandra Lee was diagnosed with breast cancer, she underwent surgery twice!

Sandra Lee and Andrew Cuomo leaving the hospital after the surgery of Lee, Source: Dailymail

Lee's team after the first surgery gave an update that Andrew was so supportive and caring when Sandra was battling for her life.

Currently, Lee is free from cancer after two years of long battle and she has inspired Andrew to propose $90 million programs to expand breast cancer screening through out the state.

Andrew Cuomo and Sandra Lee after Lee's surgery, Source: Dailymail

In an interview with Vogue, when was asked about marrying her long time boyfriend Andrew Cuomo she added:

“Well, I did it once and as I was walking up the aisle I remember thinking, It’s not too late to run. But of course it was, and five years later they divorced. Right now I’m happy being a girlfriend, but someday Andrew and I will get there. When his kids say we need to, we will.” 

In February 7, 2017, fans of Lee got more curious when she tweeted a pic of herself in a wedding dress.

 Is she giving hint to Andrew Cuomo to propose her? Well, we are eagerly waiting for their big day!!

Facts on Sandra Lee 

Source: Biography
  • Born on July 3, 1966, in Santa Monica, Lee grew up in a hardscrabble childhood.
  • Her parents filed divorce when she was just 2 years old and most of her childhood she spent with her grandmother.
  • Her mother used to physically abuse her and was a drug addict.
  • At the age of 15, Lee tried to commit suicide.
  • Lee enrolled at the University of Wisconsin but dropped out from junior year.
  • Lee got married with to KB Home CEO and philanthropist Bruce Karatz in 2001 but divorced in 2005.
  • Now, Lee is the best known for hosting the Food Network shows Semi-Homemade Cooking.
  • Lee got diagnosed with cancer in 2015.
  • Her estimated net worth is $20 Million USD.



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