Home Article Sarah Jeffery Is Going Stronger With Boyfriend Nick Hargrove - Know Their Relationship Timeline

Sarah Jeffery Is Going Stronger With Boyfriend Nick Hargrove - Know Their Relationship Timeline

Updated On 27 Feb, 2021 Published On 26 Feb, 2021
Sarah Jeffery Is Going Stronger With Boyfriend Nick Hargrove - Know Their Relationship Timeline

If there's any on-screen relationship turned into an off-screen romance that thrills us, then it definitely has to be actress Sarah Jeffery and her romantic ties with actor Nick Hargrove.

Sarah Jeffery In A Relationship With Nick Hargrove

American actress and singer Sarah Jeffery rose to fame for her role in Rogue as Amy Breslow, Descendants, Wayward Pines and Charmed. And, not only Jeffery bagged the main role in The CW's TV series, but also a handsome boyfriend.

Speaking of which, Jeffery is indeed dating his talented co-star on Charmed aka Nick Hargrove who plays the actress's onscreen boyfriend, Parker Caine. As for Jeffery, she plays the lead role of Maggie Vera.

Actress Sarah Jeffery met boyfriend Nick Hargrove on the set of Charmed. SOURCE: Instagram

And, after working on the set of Charmed in 2018, Sarah was ironically charmed by her onscreen boyfriend too, who is half-German. But, to get to the story, Jeffery and Hargrove needed to get to know each other well, before they started filming.

Needless to mention, it's safe to say that Jeffery and Hargrove eventually fell in love on the set after they got closer than they were supposed to be as co-stars. But, Sarah wanted to keep her relationship with Nick secretive, though.

Both Sarah and her boyfriend remained hush about their romance and didn't confirm they were dating until the actress addressed their relationship in an interview. Both Sarah and Nick have also gone Instagram official since then.

Actress Sarah Jeffery's mushy moments with boyfriend Nick Hargrove. SOURCE: Instagram

But, Sarah is not engaged to her sweet boyfriend yet. The actress is definitely not ready for any kind of commitment that requires marriage as both of them want to explore their career opportunities.

More On Sarah Jeffery - Carries Interracial Heritage

Actress Sarah Jeffery who wanted to become an actress from her early days is a Candian by nationality who grew up in Vancouver, British Columbia. But, Jeffery is a mixed child of different ethnicities, as she is half Native Indian, African and English.

Actress Sarah Jeffery is half English, Native Indian, and African. SOURCE: Instagram

And, Jeffery who grew up with a younger brother and a sister who wanted to pursue acting got her first role as Katie for Cartoon Network's Aliens in the House at the age of only sixteen. Jeffery hasn't looked back after that. 

Aside from acting, the actress also makes music and has released popular singles like Queen of Mean, Even the Stars, and Set It Off. The Leo Awards nominees also appeared on Wayward Pines, Descendants, Across the Line, Be Somebody, Shades of Blue, and The X-Files among others.

Meanwhile, Jeffery is based in both America and her home country Canada. And, her career in Hollywood is cleary kicking off.

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