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Sarita Choudhury From Mississippi Masala Married To A War Photographer

Updated On 21 Jan, 2020 Published On 21 Jan, 2020
Sarita Choudhury From Mississippi Masala Married To A War Photographer

A woman so rare of her kind, a woman so like Sarita Choudhury, doesn't live every next door. Choudhury might prefer to live a much normal life away from the public eyes today, but that doesn't erase the fact that she is still an icon.

And, those who still remember the Indian-English beauty, the fans often ponder here and there about the whereabouts of the one and only Sarita Choudhury. And, here's what you need to know.

Sarita Choudhury's Personal Life At Glimpse

The born to be an actress, Choudhury quickly rose to fame after her debut film, Mississippi Masala, a romantic comedy, where she portrayed Meena alongside co-star Denzel Washington, became a huge hit. Besides the film, Choudhary is also notoriously prominent for her role as Tara in the erotic historical drama, Kama Sutra: The Tale of Love, co-starring Indira Verma.

Indian-English actress, Sarita Choudhury rose to fame after her role in Mississippi Masala. SOURCE: Style Bistro

Although the actress still makes her onscreen appearance, these days, there was a time, when she decided to take a temporary break from working on films and tv series whilst only having her focus on the theatres, mostly. The decision also gave her more time to spend with her husband and daughter, Maria.

Fans didn't even know she was a married woman until the birth of her child was publicized to the public. And, it's comprehensible as Sarita remains highly private to share her personal life matter and wants to keep it in the dark to avoid the wanted media attention.

Sarita Choudhury Married A War Photographer

Speaking to DNA India, back in the day, Sarita, however, spilled a bit of the information with her interviewer on her personal life. Not revealing much, the reluctant Homeland actress opened up how she is married to an outsider, a man belonging to a different profession.

Sarita Choudhury and her husband, a war photographer share a daughter named, Maria. SOURCE: DNA India

As a matter of fact, Sarita Choudhury's husband is a war photographer and also the father of her child. Adding that his father is the source her daughter gets her blond from, it's pretty obvious, Choudhury's husband is white by race.

Maria, once at the age of seven appeared alongside her mother in an interview. The interracial child looked absolutely beautiful with her eyes resembling Sarita as she sat on the lap of her mother.

A glimpse of Maria as shared by Choudhury on her Facebook. SOURCE: Sarita Choudhury Facebook

The Perez Family, also once selflessly shared a glimpse of her daughter on her Facebook. Sarita shared an adorable snap of Maria preparing to get back to school after the holiday. And, Maria's hips-long blonde hair cascading down her shoulder was enough to earn her compliments.

Choudhury's Daughter Is A Bollywood Fan

Sarita, likewise, seemingly marked her journey to the Indian film industry where she was able to gain much appreciation from the Indian film critic. With an Indian gene in her blood, Choudhury is definitely a Bollywood fan.

But, Maria appears to be even a greater fan of Bollywood, as revealed by the actress herself. Sarita also made sure to add that she is an aspiring actress and loves performing, as she learned this from Maria's teacher.

Now, a teenager, it's most likely and less surprising that Maria might get into the footstep of her mother. Meanwhile, Maria prioritizes her education.

Meanwhile, the identity of Choudhury's husband might a mystery, but rumor has it that the actress previously shared a romance with fellow co-star.

Did Sarita Date Sam Rockwell?

Yes, the rumor is true that Sarita once had an affair with the American actor, Sam Rockwell, better known for his role in Mr. Right and Jojo Rabbit. But, their relationship couldn't last long, sadly as Sarita dumped Sam.

Sarita Choudhury and Sam Rockwell co-starred in Woman In Burka. SOURCE: Agile Ticketing Solutions

Although Choudhury never spoke a word on the matter, Mr. Rockwell, who is unmarried to date once, shared a little information, citing that Sarita, who he loved and regarded as his pal was the one who got away. The former love birds co-starred in 2008 for Woman In Burka.

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