Home Article American actor Sam Rockwell and Leslie Bibb are in a Relationship since 2007. Is the Couple still not ready to get Married?

American actor Sam Rockwell and Leslie Bibb are in a Relationship since 2007. Is the Couple still not ready to get Married?

Updated On 16 Apr, 2019 Published On 21 Apr, 2017
American actor Sam Rockwell and Leslie Bibb are in a Relationship since 2007. Is the Couple still not ready to get Married?

Actor Sam Rockwell is still not married but has girlfriend Leslie Bibb whom he's been dating since 2007. No children and living happily together without any affairs.

Sam Rockwell, one of the veteran actors of American film industry, is dating his gorgeous girlfriend, actress Leslie Bibb since a long time.

The actor is known for his mainstream and critically acclaimed movies including Lawn Dogs, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, Matchstick Men, Seven Psychopaths and so on.

But he's also popular for being one of those actors who doesn't believe in marriages and hence has not been married but dating his girlfriend Leslie Bibb since 2007.

Let's talk in detail about the couple in today's section.                                              

A decade-long relationship of actor Sam Rockwell with a girlfriend, actress Leslie Bibb.

Sam is known for his intense and bold roles in his movies and as his character, he too is an intense and passionate lover behind the screens. Do you want to know how?

Leslie Bibb & Sam Rockwell at Independent Spirit Awards 2013, Source: Contactmusic

It's because he's been in a long term relationship with his gorgeous girlfriend, actress Leslie Bibb. That's something really hard to find in Hollywood these days.

The pair had their first encounter while working together in a film, Frost/Nixon in Los Angeles, back in 2007.

Leslie Bibb and boyfriend Sam Rockwell attending the Jameson Cult Film Club gala premiere of Seven Psychopaths, 2012, Source: Lainey gossip

Both started going out since then and are still going strong together without any split or affair rumors. Hats off to this couple!!

They often share serious PDA's posts of them together and in this decade-long relationship, they've been inseparable.


he doesn't trust you...i keep trying to convince him, but no g-o- #sammyandleslie

A post shared by Leslie Bibb (@mslesliebibb) on


another great holiday with my beloved...let's light 2016 up... xo

A post shared by Leslie Bibb (@mslesliebibb) on

The couple also made their on-screen appearance in 2010's hit superhero movie, Iron Man 2, starring alongside, Robert Donwney Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle, Mickey Rourke and Samuel L. Jackson.

Left to right: Gwyneth Paltrow, Robert Downey Jr., Sam Rockwell and Leslie Bibb from a scene of movie Iron Man 2, Source: DailyMail

No wedding bells for the couple

When two people are madly in love and are happy that way, there's not any compulsion for them to validate their love by getting married.

This scenario holds true for Sam and Leslie as they've been together for ten years but marriage for them is pretty much a cliche'.

They're happy the way they are and live together in their grand mansion in New York with their adorable dogs.


i think they're still drunk...balloon hangover... #happyfourth #redwhiteandblue

A post shared by Leslie Bibb (@mslesliebibb) on

Back in 2007, in an interview with The Guardian, he stated that he would never want to be parent, quoting,

"I definitely don't want to become a parent. It's not my bag"

He also added that he didn't believe in marriage, and had a lot of bad experiences with women and relationships. Well, this explains everything about why the couple is not still married.

Here's a video of Sam Rockwell on David Letterman's show talking about his girlfriend, Leslie Bibb. Enjoy watching!

All in all, we really appreciate Sam and Leslie's relationship and secretly hope that they get married soon as they would make industry's one of the ideal couples to watch!!

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