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Scientist Cameron Hamilton & Lauren Speed From Netflix Proved Love is Blind

Updated On 09 Mar, 2021 Published On 03 Mar, 2020
Scientist Cameron Hamilton & Lauren Speed From Netflix Proved Love is Blind

Drama queen Giannina Gibelli might have stolen the show, but it was Cameron Hamilton & Lauren Speed who stole our hearts.

The new Netflix crazy franchise Love is Blind is the talk of the town. No cap, the reality show was cringeworthy, somewhat bland if it wasn't for Giannina Gibelli's drama, and super silly. Cause who even instantly gets ready to marry someone you never met let alone never even saw their faces.

Love is Blind could have been a waste of time, but, thanks to Cameron Hamilton and his beautiful partner, Lauren Speed who carried the show on their back all along.

But Are Cameron Hamilton & Lauren Speed Still Married?

As seen on Netflix's new hottest reality show, all the contestants get to communicate inside a pod without seeing them in person or their faces. And, it was during the processes the hopeless romantic aka Cameron and Lauren instantly clicked in. And, in less than two weeks, Cameron and Lauren are ready to get engaged and walk down the aisle.

Married couple Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed from Love is Blind shares a kiss. SOURCE: Pinterest

Since the beginning, there was just something special, a never seen before chemistry, between these love birds that put every viewer in awe. And, not less than three months later, Lauren and Cameron exchanged their marital vows in front of close friends and family. 

But, what is even more special is the fact that Cameron and his gorgeous wife are still legally wedded. Like can you believe it, it has been nearly two years since they tied the knot, yet they are still head over heels in love. And, the fact that they met through a freaking reality show.

Additionally, Cameron and Lauren also had to keep their marital status a secret for a year and a half, as they revealed in an interview with The Real. Mr. Hamilton even gushes that he is proud to be Lauren's husband. Aw!

More About Cameron Hamilton; A Scientist By Profession

Cameron's reality tv career might be on the rise, but Lauren's Mr. Right has his life already figured out. A scientist by profession, Hamilton is a specialist as an Artificial Intelligence. Living in Atlanta, Hamilton describes himself as an introvert. No wonder, he ended up on a pod of a reality show. But, he is as confident as charming as he is.

Hamilton, however, as a scientist was very picky with the women on the other side of the room as he noted down everything on his acquaintance with the other parties. But, of course, when he met Lauren, everything changed as he was ready to let down his guards.

And, after they finally met, their race and background didn't matter. If there were anything that mattered, it was their bond and relationship built on emotional attachment. And, little did we didn't know, Cameron can rap too? Like who could forget when he rapped in freestyle in front of his then-mother in law. Needless to say, Lauren's mother, Pamela, was highly impressed too.

Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed on their wedding day. SOURCE: Women's Health

Hamilton was in a rap group during his college days. And, that explains a lot.

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