A 42-year-old Argentinean actor Sebastian Rulli was in a long-term relationship with the Mexican TV personality, Cecilia Galliano. However, Sebastian and Cecilia ended up getting divorced. So what was the reason behind it? How long were they married?

Well if you want to know the answer to these questions in detail and also about who Sebastian is currently dating, keep on scrolling. By the end of this article, you’ll know everything about Sebastian’s past and present love life.

Who is Sebastian Rulli Currently Dating?

Sebastian is currently dating a 29-year-old Mexican actress, Angelique Boyer. They met on set while filming for the show, Teresa back in 2010. They’ve shared the screen several times, namely in Three Sides of Ana (2016), What Life Took from Me (2013) and Teresa (2010) itself. They started dating in April 2014.

Sebastian and Angelique often head out on dates several times. The duo though made an appearance as an official couple in the wedding ceremony of popular Mexican actor and actress, Ximena and Juan's wedding.

We all know that Sebastian and Angelique have tied the knot several times on screen but looks like they will get married soon in their real lives as well. 

Sebastian Rulli with his girlfriend Angelique Boyer.
Source: Instagram

Back in 2016, Angelique Boyer announced through Twitter that she is expecting her first baby with Sebastian. However, they haven’t announced that they have given birth to their child neither the gender. They might have planned to keep it a secret for quite a while.

For now, the duo seems happy in their conjugal life and let's hope they remain the same forever. 

Sebastian Rulli's Marriage And Divorce With Cecilia Galliano’s 

Prior to her relationship with Angelique, Sebastian was married to Argentine-Mexican actress Cecilia Galliano. They started dating back in the year 2004. They dated for about three years before getting married on 31st December 2007, right on the new year's eve. 

Sebastian Rulli with his ex-wife, Cecilia Galliano.
Source: People

In an interview with Televisa Espectaculos, when Sebastian was asked about his marriage, he said,

"I got married on the 31st. It was a last minute thing. This was the first time we’ve been able to get Ceci’s family together with mine. What happens next is going to be very complicated."

The marriage wasn’t huge, the couple only invited over 30 people to their wedding. The couple is a parent to one son named, Santiago Rulli Galliano. They also took care of Cecilia's daughter Valentina.
After about three years of their marriage, the duo got divorced. They got officially got divorced on 12th July 2011. Following their divorce, Galliano filed a lawsuit against Rulli for abusing her.

She explained,

"I left my house carrying my child, a bag, and my daughter Valentina."

After hearing Cecilia's statements, it seemed like she left Sebastian because she was verbally abused by him. Their relationship didn’t end on good terms. However, now both of them have moved on in their lives and Sebastian is happily dating someone new.

Quick Facts: Sebastian Rulli


  • Sebastian Rulli was born on 6th July 1975 (42-year-old), in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • His height is 1.87 m
  • He studied business administration in his school days and after completing it he moved to Europe where he found his luck in the world of modeling.
  • Angelique’s father wasn’t happy with his previous relationship.
  • One of Sebastian’s ex-girlfriends, Aracely didn’t want him to work with Angelique.
  • Angelique and Sebastian are happy to be in love and love working together.