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Secrets To SZA Weight Loss; Before & After Pictures

Updated On 24 Feb, 2020 Published On 23 Feb, 2020
Secrets To SZA Weight Loss; Before & After Pictures

Throwing back to the days, when SZA began her weight loss journey and proved that without a struggle, consistency, and hardwork, nothing is possible.

Thick or thin, homegirl SZA has always been beautiful. Period! But, looking back in the days, and comparing to how far she has come with her weight loss journey, we all can be certainly inspired by SZA.

SZA Weight Loss Journey; Wore Her Father's Shirts At 200 Pounds

The All The Stars singer didn't want to be a singer at one point in her life. As a matter of fact, SZA whose real name is Solána Imani Rowe claims she became a singer by accident. And, once she got the taste of the real music industry, there was no option of turning back.

SZA once weighed 200 pounds. SOURCE: Moor Information Twitter

But, getting into a field of entertainment, little did she didn't know was the fact that the world wasn't all about the glamour and fame. And, just like that, it didn't take her long for a lot of comments to appear over her appearance, specifically regarding her weight. Not to mention, as a newbie in the industry, SZA used to weigh nearly 200 pounds.

Fascinated with the 90's fashion where she loved the baggy pants and shirts, it was indeed the only sect of clothes she had in her wardrobe. SZA, in fact, even used to steal baggy shirts from her father and wear them. And, even whilst performing on stage, the graduate of Columbia High School would be only seen in colossal shirts and trousers.

SZA would steal and wear her father's baggy shirts. SOURCE: Pinterest

SZA, however, decided to change that and focus on her weight. But, you can't say it was because the singer decided to get all the negative comments and criticism about her body through her head. If anything, SZA wanted to lead a healthier lifestyle. And, within a year, the drastic changes over SZA's physique could be noticed.

But, how was the Power is Power singer able to do it? 

SZA Credits Veganism

To be able to lose the extra weight and reach her weight reduction goals, SZA opted to go for natural procedures. Although the singer is yet to be vocal about her plastic surgeries speculation, SZA was upfront with sharing her weight loss secrets with her fans.

SZA went vegan for a whole year to lose weight. SOURCE: Pinterest

Needless to say, her weight loss wasn't the result of relying on weight loss pills, surgery, or even heavy exercises at the gym. Speaking of which, one of the first things SZA did was adopt a vegan lifestyle. She actually went vegan for a whole complete year. Careful with her plant-based diet, SZA only took care of the things she consumed inside her body.

Additionally, SZA also avoided taking high fatty and calories based food such as cheese and sugar, some of the extreme sources that lead to weight gain. And, as we mentioned, instead of having heavy gym hours, the singer chose to do more outdoor activities such as hiking and strolling. SZA, however, enjoyed doing Pilates.

And, within a few months, SZA was able to go from weighing 200 pounds to 150 pounds. Since then SZA has undergone fluctuant weight loss and gain, but it is the least problem for the singer, for whom beauty is all about feeling good and comfortable with a "standard that comes from within.''

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