Home Article Sig Hansen Has Two Daughters and Married to Wife June Hansen, What About His Past Affairs?

Sig Hansen Has Two Daughters and Married to Wife June Hansen, What About His Past Affairs?

Published On 08 Jun, 2019
Sig Hansen Has Two Daughters and Married to Wife June Hansen, What About His Past Affairs?

With few rough chapters in life, Sig Hansen managed to keep his married life with June Hansen ideal. The father of two daughters still has some issues to fight against in his personal life. He's a brave guy, but will his bravery counts in maintaining his married life and fighting the issues he faces.

Dealt with a horrible charge, Sig Hansen is a man with some major history with his past family life. Going through what he has gone through, a man needs to be brave and conscious about everything falling into his head. Let's find out from the article, what he dealt with? and how did he manage to get with it? or is he still struggling with it?

Sig Hansen Personal Life; Who Are His Two Daughters? Survivor Of Heart Attack Twice?

Deadliest Catch star Sig Hansen is happily married to his wife June Hansen for a long time and share two daughters, Mandy Hansen and Nina Hansen. Surprisingly, he managed to keep every detail about his married life secret which is why there's no information about his marriage date or venue in the media.

Sig Hansen with his wife June Hansen and a daughter Mandy Hansen.
SOURCE: People

Captain of Northwestern ship, Hansen married has two daughters from her previous husband. Yes, you heard it right. Mandy and Nina aren't his biological daughter, but he treats them like her real daughter.

Mandy invested herself into the Deadliest Catch at an early age alongside her father. Appearing at the show for the first time at the age of 11, she always loved water and was never forced to join. Daring Mandy was soon assigned as the right hand of captain Sig. On the other hand, Nina is quite secretive and has not shown herself in the media.

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It seems like he always had a decent family life, everything going as he wants to. But, personally, he faced a heart attack twice during his life so far. His smoking habit is supposed to be the reason for it, nevertheless, brave enough Sig survived both the time. Firstly, he had a cardiac arrest in 2016 while at the sea and barely survived it. His situation was seriously worse, just have a look at the video where the doctor explains his condition!

The second heart attack came at the sea too while at work. He felt the burn in the heart and a strange feeling in the muscle. All of it was captured in a video, see the video below!

Hansen's personal life is a mixture of struggle and success. With two serious heart attacks, he is really a brave man to survive after all. We wish for his better health and be strong enough always.

Sig Hansen Past Marriage; Accused Of Sexual Abuse By His Own Daughter From Past Marriage

The celebrity fisherman, Sig Hansen has been married to a lady named Lisa Eckstrom in the past and shares a daughter Melissa Eckstrom. His married life in the past was rough and kept secret but the fact that his daughter Melissa accused him of sexual abuse is no secret.

Two times heart attack survivor Sig Hansen.
SOURCE: The Seattle Times

The accusation was from 1990 when then married Sig and Lisa were going through a divorce. Melissa at the age of two complained to her relatives that her father touched her clumsily while visiting him. Sounds interesting, the situation was then investigated but due to the lack of proofs charges weren't filed.

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The case which dates to three decades ago, was recently reviewed. His daughter filed a lawsuit against him in 2016 which was well checked and investigated but were later dismissed pleading Sig free from charges.

Recently while giving a statement on the situation, Sig said,

"I am not surprised that the conclusion Snohomish County prosecutors reached today is the same as the one they reached back in 1990, Following that decision, a King County judge ruled — after a six-day trial — that I was innocent of the horrible charges concocted by my ex-wife. The judge and court-appointed experts examined all the evidence in the case and reached the same conclusion: that the allegations simply were not true."

It is believed, all these are just a gimmick to gain some handsome money from Sig. Well, there's no certainty in it however the accusations are now settled with Sig being free of this horrible allegation.

Sig Hansen: Quick Facts

Sig Hansen with his wife June Hansen.
  • Born on April 28, 1966, in Seattle, Washington.
  • He stands a height of 5'8" (1.72 meters) and a weight of 78 kg (171 lbs).
  • His zodiac sign is Taurus.
  • He was a student at Shorewood High School.
  • Fluent at the Norwegian language.
  • His net worth is $3.5 million.

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